2008-2009 Girls' Basketball Adaptations

Adaptation # 1

Home uniforms shall be white in color and shall have even numbers. Away uniforms shall be a color other than white and shall have odd numbers. (Required for varsity only)

Adaptation # 2

In addition to the numbers allowed by National Federation rule, the numbers 01, 02, 03, 04, and 05 are legal. The numbers 0 and 00 are considered as the even number alternative to 1 and 01. A team shall not use 0 and 00 etc in the same game. Beginning in 2012-13, the NF rule will be followed making these numbers illegal)

Adaptation # 3


  1. During a time-out, coaches may leave the bench to confer with players at or near the bench.
  2. In case of an injury, coaches may leave the bench to aid an injured player, provided they are beckoned onto the court by an official.
  3. During an intermission, coaches may leave the bench to attend to their squads.
  4. Requesting a prevention or rectification of a correctable error (Rule 2-10) as specified under Rule 5-8-4.
  5. Stand up to show approval for an exciting play in the game, when a basket is scored or an outstanding play takes place by a member of their team, and then must immediately return to the bench.
  6. The coach may stand up to call a time-out when his team has the ball, whether the clock is running or not and signal to call time-out.
  7. Stand up to congratulate a player being substituted for.
  8. The coach may confer with personnel at the scorer’s table regarding a timing error, scoring error, or alternating-possession error. If an error is not prevented or corrected, the team shall be charged with a time-out.
  9. The coach will be allowed to stand and confer with a player(s) whenever the clock is NOT running. Communication with the player(s) only shall be done in a positive manner and shall take place directly in front of where the coach was seated. When the clock starts following a throw-in or last missed free throw, the coach shall immediately return to his/her seat. The officials will not delay a throw-in administration to permit a coach additional dead clock time to visit with player(s). This will allow coaches additional opportunities to stand up and instruct players while the clock is NOT running during the game.
  10. Disqualified player---Upon the head coach’s notification of the disqualified player, the coach may stand to congratulate the disqualified player and may walk the confines of his/her bench to select a replacement for the disqualified player. The rule states that a disqualified player must be replaced within 20 seconds from the time the coach was notified. Any unsporting acts by the coaches are subject to being assessed a technical foul.
Adaptation # 4 Hair devices---anything worn in the hair except a headband (new rule) must be soft and unadorned but may be any color or multi-colored and do not have to match for all teammates. The purpose must be to hold the hair but cannot go around the head.