January 13, 2006

TO: Basketball Officials

SUBJECT: Basketball Memorandum #3

As we head into the final three weeks of the regular season, conference races are heating up and lots of very competitive basketball remains to be played.  Several calls or concerns have been expressed regarding various plays or situations.  We need to all be on our “A” game every night in order to provide the best competitive opportunities for the players and fans.

HEADBANDS---It has been a much better year with regard to headbands versus hair devices.  Please be aware that headbands must be a single, solid color and unadorned except for a manufacturer’s logo.  Sequins on headbands are illegal.

SWEATBANDS---They must be a single, solid color and may have a logo on them.  They must be worn on the wrist and it is legal to wear a different color on each wrist.  For example, if a team’s school colors are red and black, a player could legally wear a red wrist band on one wrist and a black wrist band on the other wrist.

SIGNALLING FOULS---Remember to give all numbers with one hand---we do not use both hands in this mechanic.

ALTERNATE TIMING DEVICE---Each local school should make sure that you have an alternate timing device available should the main unit fail.  A stop watch will suffice---just check the batteries to make sure it is working.  This is especially important as we head into the tournament series.

CROSS-OVER STEP MOVE---If done appropriately, this move is still legal.  There has been no rule change to eliminate this move.  If a player comes to a jump stop and then simply crosses over with one foot and shoots the ball, this should be a legal move.  Sometimes it may look awkward but unless an extra step is taken, the move is still legal.

3 SECONDS IN THE LANE CALL---Sometimes I wonder if this rule has been omitted from the rule book and I missed it!!  Offensive players should not be allowed to position themselves in the lane and remain there for six, seven, eight seconds without a violation being called.  When an offensive player is in the lane for a considerable amount of time and falls down, there is an awfully good chance that a three second call should be made before she manages to get up and out of the lane.

OFFICIALS’ CONDUCT---The focus of the game needs to be on the players and not on officials.  Every official needs to have proper knowledge of the rules, exhibit good mechanics, be consistent, and hustle.  You are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner---don’t make comments, gestures, actions which might give a coach or crowd reason to question your integrity or judgment.

COACH’S CONDUCT---Please remember that you are the role model and set the example for your players and fans.  Making critical or negative comments or gestures towards officials cannot be construed as displaying good sportsmanship.  Don’t place an official into a position to make a judgment regarding your behavior or conduct.  Rude and sarcastic comments are not necessary and will not be accepted by most officials.  When the game is completed, coaches should stay away from the officials and not make critical comments to them as they are leaving the floor or later during the boys’ game.

ROUGH PLAY---There continues to be a lot of concern regarding rough play during games.  This seems to be a major point of emphasis on a yearly basis—this year specifically the hand-checking and post play being targeted.  Coaches may be partly to blame for teaching and allowing this style of play.  But officials are also to blame if you are allowing this style of play to occur and not calling the appropriate fouls.  You must call fouls when they are there.  We must protect the shooter and not allow the defense to gain an advantage by contact not being called.

PRE-GAME PROTOCOL---Please be sure that all officials (regardless whether two or three) are properly introduced to the coaches.  If working a girls’ doubleheader, officials do not have to remain on the floor for the entire time between games.  When you do return, you shall be positioned across the floor from the scorer’s bench during warm-up.

BENCH DECORUM---Reminder to coaches that if any coach, head or assistant, or member of the team bench receives a technical foul for unsportsmanlike conduct---then all coaches are restricted to being seated on the bench for the remainder of the game (with exceptions listed under Rule 10).

SHOT---A goal is made when a live ball enters the basket FROM ABOVE and remains in or passes through.  A shot taken which goes up through the net entering the basket from below shall not count even if it hits the backboard and returns through the basket.  (Rule 5-1)

DISTRICT/REGIONAL TOURNAMENT---The pairings were announced several weeks ago.  Please check our web site periodically as several changes have been made regarding sites and/or dates and times since the initial pairings were posted.  The contracts for officials will be mailed out within the next few days.

Mike Dick
Associate Director