2000-2001 Girls' Basketball Examination

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The horn sounds, with the final score 63-62. After the officials enter the locker room, the scorer informs them the score was wrong. It is actually 63-63. The officials shall re-enter the court for overtime. False 2-2-4
Before the contest, Team A coach verifies her team is legally equipped. In the 2nd quarter, A3 is discovered wearing an earring. A3 must leave the game and remove the jewelry. Assess Team A coach a technical foul. False 3-5-2
Three minutes before the start of the game, it is discovered two Team B members have incorrect numbers in the scorebook. Team B coach requests the numbers be corrected. Assess Team B a technical foul. However, if the coach does not request the numbers be corrected, and the players never enter the game, no technical foul is issued. True 3-2-2
B4 is injured and the official stops play. Team B coach comes onto the court to check B4, and it is discovered B4 is OK and ready to play. The official informs Team B coach that B4 must leave the game since the coach entered the court. Team B coach requests a time-out. After the time-out, B4 comes onto the court. The official shall require a substitute for B4. True 3-3-4, 3-3-5
A1 is dribbling in her backcourt when the ball strikes her foot and skids away. In attempting to get to the ball, A1 fouls B4. Since this is an interrupted dribble, A1 is charged with a player-control foul. False 4-12-1
B3 receives a pass and establishes her left foot as the pivot foot. She feints a pass to B4 and lifts her pivot foot. She stands on her non-pivot foot with the pivot foot still in the air. She starts a dribble from this position. Legal. False 4-43-3c
A1 commits her fifth foul. While the official moves to the scorer's bench to report the foul, Team A coach requests a time-out. The official should not grant the time-out until the foul has been reported to the scorer and A1 has been legally replaced. True Case 5.8.3A
With 13 seconds left in the game, Team A leads by one point. A4 receives an inbounds pass in her backcourt and begins to dribble. Team B does not commit a foul, and A4 continues to dribble in the backcourt until the horn sounds to end the game. Team B coach challenges the officials, as a 10-second violation should have occurred prior to the horn sounding. The officials agree a mistake was made, but neither official had kept an accurate 10-second backcourt count. Team B shall get the ball out of bounds with 3 seconds reset on the clock. False Case 5.10.1C
The possession arrow points to Team A. Erroneously, Team B is given the ball at the next alternating possession situation. Once the ball touches an inbounds player, it is too late to correct this error. True 2-10, 4-41-5
A3 is at the free throw line for her second of two attempts. She has the ball when B2 commits a lane violation. The official blows his whistle for the violation while the try is in air. The ball goes in basket. The try shall be re-attempted since the official's whistle for the violation caused the ball to become dead. False 6-7 Exception
On a throw-in attempt by Team B at the end line, B1, B2 and B4 line up shoulder-to-shoulder, parallel to the end line, five feet from the out-of-bounds line. Team A players request space between the Team B players. The request shall be denied. True 7-6-4
A1 has two free throws. She makes the first one. However, A2 violates on the second try. Team B gets the ball out-of-bounds. The Team B thrower-in can run the baseline. False 7-5-12
A3 attempts a lay-up, but is fouled, and receives two shots. She is injured and can not attempt the free throws. Her substitute, A6, misses the first try. Team A coach substitutes A7 for A6 to attempt the second try. The official should not allow the substitution. True
During a free throw, the restrictions on players in marked lane spaces along the free throw line and the players outside the free throw line extended and outside the three-point line end at the same time. True 9-1 Note
While making a throw-in, A1 inadvertently steps through the plane of the out-of-bounds line and touches the court inbounds. She immediately steps back into the normal out-of-bounds position, and completes her throw-in. Violation. True 9-2-5
A1 is dribbling in her backcourt and throws a pass to the frontcourt. A2 is in the frontcourt and deflects the pass into the backcourt. A3 recovers the ball in the backcourt. Violation on Team A. True 9-9
Substitute A7 enters the court without reporting to the scorer. The violation is discovered after the ball becomes alive. Charge A1 with a technical foul. False 3-3-3
Coach of Team A receives a technical foul in the 1st quarter for unsportsmanlike conduct. In the 3rd quarter, the official is ready to administer a free throw, when he notices the coach is standing near Team A's bench area having a conference with A5. Assess a technical foul to the Team A coach, and the coach is ejected. True
The home team uniforms are gold and have some odd numbers. The officials shall inform the coach the uniforms are not legal. The State Office should be notified, but no other penalty is incurred. False
Team B commits a foul. The scorer indicates it is the team's sixth of the half. Team A inbounds the ball, scores a three-point goal, and then commits a foul. The scorer informs the official Team B's earlier foul was actually its seventh of the half and should have resulted in a free throw attempt. Team A shall attempt the bonus free throw(s), and the game shall resume with penalty enforcement of Team A's foul. True 2-10
A5 enters the court wearing uniform number 05. Since the illegal number is discovered prior to the ball becoming alive, A5 shall be assessed a technical foul and not allowed to enter the game until the illegal number is corrected. False Adaptation
Three Team B players are wearing white headbands with the Nike logo. These are not legal, and the players shall be removed from the game until they are equipped properly. True Adaptation
The clock is stopped, and A4 has the ball out-of-bounds for a throw-in when Team A coach requests a time-out. The official shall not recognize the coach's request. True
Overtime. The visiting captain shall call the coin toss to determine possession to start the overtime. False Adaptation
Team B is entitled to possession under the alternating possession sequence. The ball is handed to B5 out of bounds. A1 commits a foul on B2 before the ball can be inbounded by B5. The arrow shall remain pointed in the direction of Team B as a result of Team A's foul. False Adaptation
Assistant Coach of Team A is charged with a technical foul. Later, a different assistant receives a technical foul. Then, in the 4th quarter, the head coach receives a technical foul. The head coach is ejected. False Adaptation
A5 fouls out. The official notifies her and her coach, and the 30 second period to replace the player begins. A5 then receives a technical foul for unsportsmanlike conduct. Team A coaches are restricted to the bench, as per rule 10-5, for the remainder of the game. True Adaptation
In the 1st quarter, Team A coach receives a technical foul for disrespectfully addressing the officials. Later in the game, the Team A assistant coach is standing, shouting instructions to his players. Charge the assistant coach with a technical foul. True Adaptation
A1 is shooting two free throws. After missing her first try, she backs out of the semicircle to near half court. The official shall assess a delay warning to Team A. False (technical) 10-3-7c
If the ball comes to rest while in contact with the hand of the dribbler, the dribble has ended. True 4-15-4a
Grabbing a player from behind is deemed as an intentional foul. True 4-19-3
B2 is heading to the line to shoot two free throws. A5, who committed the foul, has fouled out. Three substitutes are waiting to enter the game. The official shall permit only the substitute for the disqualified player. The other substitutes may enter prior to the final try of the sequence. False 3-3-1c
Team A players are wearing multi-colored socks with 4-inch manufacturer's logos. Socks shall be the same color among teammates, and shall not have a manufacturer's logo larger than 2 1/4 square inches. False 3-6
A ball in flight has the same status (frontcourt or backcourt / inbounds or out-of-bounds) as when it last touched a person or the court. True Fundamental # 9
Two full (:60) and two shortened (:30) time-outs are now legal. False 5-12-1
The following are illegal: Jewelry (unless worn for medical or religious reasons); A soft foam pad taped to the wrist which covers a soft plastic guard; a white undershirt worn under a blue uniform jersey; body glitter. True 3-5-1
All technical fouls in girls' basketball are direct technical fouls. True Adaptation
Alternate possession, Team A to receive the ball. The official bounces the ball to A3 for the throw-in. B4 fouls A5 as she tries to get open to receive the throw-in. After the foul, Team A will have a throw-in since it is not in the bonus. The possession arrow remains in the direction of Team A since Team B committed a foul before the throw-in was completed. False Adaptation
The official notices B4's shoelaces are untied. Play will not be stopped to allow the laces to be tied. However, the official may delay resumption of play, once stopped, to allow B4 to tie the laces. True 5-11 Exception 1
A substitute is not allowed to enter the game unless she has reported number for number at the scorer's bench prior to the official being ready to put the ball in play. True 3-3
Two teammates simultaneously grab a rebound. As the fight for the ball, each moves one foot. Traveling. False Case 4.43.2b
Profanity is considered to be an unsportsmanlike act, even if it is not directed at another individual, but merely a result of frustration. True 4-19-13
In the first quarter, B3 shoots and scores from behind the three point line. The official gives the proper signal. However, the scorer records the goal as a "two-pointer". At halftime, the Team B coach brings the error to the attention of the officials. Since this was not detected before the second dead clock following the error, the error is not correctable. False 2-11-11
A4 is attempting three free throws after being fouled on her long try. No substitutes shall be allowed prior to the first or second free throw. True 3-3-1c
On a throw-in, the thrower is entitled to move any direction within the 3-foot designated spot as long as one foot is within or over the designated spot until the ball is released. True 7-6-3
A1 is holding the ball in her frontcourt. B1 slaps the ball from A1's hand and the ball then strikes A1's leg before rolling into A's backcourt. A3 recovers the ball in the backcourt. Team A gets a full 10-seconds to advance the ball back to the frontcourt. False 9-9 (over-and-back first)
Any pass which hits a defensive player's foot is a kicking violation. False 9-4
A4 has established legal guarding position. Her arms are raised. B3 attempts a shot. A4 rises up within her vertical plane. B3 contacts A4 in her attempt to shoot. The foul is assessed to B3 since she causes the contact within A4's vertical plane. True 4-23-3c
B4 and A6 are racing toward a loose ball. The two players knock heads diving for the ball and each is unconscious. No foul is called since the contact is ruled incidental. The Team B physician approves B4 entering the game two quarters later. Team A does not have a physician available, thus, A6 will not be eligible to reenter the game without authorization from a physician. False Adaptation
The clock is ticking under five seconds left in a 61-60 game when the leading team takes the ball out of bounds for a throw-in following a made field goal. The trailing team, knowing it needs to stop the clock, intentionally violates the plane of the out-of-bounds to force the official to stop play and issue a boundary plane warning. The official should stop play in this case, and assess a technical foul for the action of the trailing team. True Case 9-2-11