2001-2002 Girls' Basketball Examination

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A3 attempts a field goal from behind the three-point line The ball is legally touched by B4 who is in the two-point area. The try continues in flight and goes through A's basket. Score three points. True Case 5.2.1 Situation C
A5 end her dribble and passes the ball to a teammate. While the pass is in the air, A5 charges into B1. The foul on A5 is a player-control foul. False 4-19-6, 4-12-2
It is Team B's turn for the next alternating possession throw-in. By mistake, Team A is given that throw-in. This error is noticed before Team A's throw-in touches an inbounds player. The error may be corrected. True 2-10, 4-41-5 (2000-2001 test question # 9)
Before the game, Team A coach verifies her team is legally equipped. In the 2nd quarter, A3 is discovered wearing an earring. A3 must leave the game and remove the jewelry. Assess Team A coach a technical foul. False Case 2-4-5 Situation A
Three minutes before the game, it is discovered two Team B members have incorrect numbers in the scorebook. Team B coach requests the numbers be corrected. Assess Team B a technical foul. However, if the coach does not request the numbers be corrected, and the players never enter the game, no technical foul is issued. True Case 3.2.2 Situation B
Home team fans are using artificial noisemakers during an opponent's free throw attempt. The officials should instruct game management to have a public-address announcement made stating that the use of artificial noisemakers is prohibited. True 1-18, Case Part I Comments 1-18
During the pre-game warm-ups, some Team A players are wearing jewelry. The officials shall ignore this, as no violation occurs until the game begins . False Case Part I Comments 3-5
Halfway through the first quarter, B1 has the ball in her frontcourt, near the center division line. Her teammate makes a back door cut to the basket, but B1's pass to her is off line and enters the basket. Score two points for Team B since the pass that entered the basket is not technically a try. False Case Part I Comments 5-2-1
During a 30-second time-out, players shall remain standing on the floor in the vicinity of their team bench. Teammates may participate in the time-out huddle. True Last year Memo # 3
A1 is dribbling in her backcourt when the ball strikes her foot and skids away. In attempting to get to the ball, A1 fouls B4. Since this is an interrupted dribble, A1 is charged with a player-control foul. False 4-12-1
B3 receives a pass and establishes her left foot as the pivot foot. She feints a pass to B4 and lifts her pivot foot. She stands on her non-pivot foot with the pivot foot still in the air. Traveling. False 4-43-3
A3 is at the free throw line for her second of two attempts. She has the ball when B2 commits a lane violation. The official inadvertently blows his whistle for the violation while the try is in air. The ball goes in basket. The try shall be re-attempted since the official's whistle for the violation caused the ball to become dead. False 6-7 Exception 2
On a throw-in attempt by Team B at the end-line, B1, B2 and B4 line up front-to-back, perpendicular to the end-line, two feet from the out-of-bounds line. Team A players request space between the Team B players. The request shall be denied. True 7-6-4
A1 has two free throws. She makes the first one. However, A2 violates on the second try. Team B gets the ball out-of-bounds. The Team B thrower-in can run the baseline. False 7-5-2
A3 attempts a lay-up, but is fouled, and receives two shots. She is injured and cannot attempt the free throws. Her substitute, A6, misses the first try. Team A coach substitutes A7 for A6 to attempt the second try. The official should allow the substitution. False Case 8.2
The clock is running, and A4 has the ball when Team A coach requests a time-out. The official shall recognize the coach's request. True 5-8-3
A1 is shooting two free throws. After missing her first try, she backs out of the semicircle to near half court. The official is ready to administer the 2nd try, but A1 delays resumption of play. Assess a technical foul to A1. True 10-1-5b
Following a goal by A1, B3 is running the end line for a throw-in when a Team A player reaches through the plane in an attempt to prevent the throw-in. The official stops play and issues a warning to Team A for violating the boundary plane. Team B retains the right to run the end line during the subsequent throw-in.. True 7-5-7
During a free throw, the restrictions on player movement end at different times for players in marked lane spaces along the free throw lane than for those players positioned behind the free throw line extended outside the three-point line. False 9-1 Note
B3 ends her dribble and jumps and releases the ball on a try for goal. A1 blocks the shots, but B3 secures control while still in the air. B3 returns to the floor and dribbles to the basket and scores. Violation by B3. False 4-12-3a
During a stoppage of play, there are several substitutions by both teams. B2 goes to the bench and remains there, believing she was replaced. The ball is put in play, and Team B has just four players on the court. Team B is advancing the ball into the frontcourt when the coach realizes B2 should not have left the game. At the coach's request, B2 sprints directly on the court without reporting or being beckoned. Technical foul on B2. True Case 10.3.4 Situation C
A1 attempts to steal the ball from stationary B1 who is holding the ball. A1 misses the ball and falls to the floor. In dribbling away, B1 contacts A1 who is still lying on the court. B1 loses control of the ball and falls to the floor. No foul unless A1 made an effort to trip or block B1. True
The alternate possession arrow points toward Team B. As B1 attempts the throw-in, A4 fouls B3 while attempting to break free to receive a pass. B3 will shoot free throws. The possession arrow will remain pointed in the direction of Team B. False Adaptation # 9
During pre-game warm-ups, coach of Team A is assessed a technical foul for disputing calls which occurred in the prior game. This technical foul restricts the Team A coaching staff to the bench for the remainder of the game. True
In the first quarter, the Team A assistant coach received an unsportsmanlike technical foul. Subsequently, in the fourth quarter, the head coach is urging his players to foul. A1 commits a foul against Team B's worst free throw shooter. The coach comes to his feet, applauding the effort of A1. Technical foul on the head coach. True 10-5
A1 is an airborne shooter preparing to release the ball on a shot attempt. Instead of releasing the ball on the try, A1 fumbles the ball (while still in the air) and drops it. A1 then returns to the floor and then secures possession of the ball. Traveling violation. True Case 4.15.4 Situation D
During a throw-in by A1, in Team A's frontcourt, A3 jumps in the air and catches the ball. A2 then lands with the left foot in A's frontcourt and then puts the right foot down in the backcourt. Since A2 established front court status before her right foot came down, over and back violation. False 9-9
A1 is in the act of shooting and is fouled by B1. The contact by B1 throws A1 off balance and in an effort to make a play, A1 passes off to teammate A2 instead of proceeding through with an off-balance shot. The official rules that the pass-off by A1 is not a factor as it was not the original intent and only the result of the contact by B1. A1 is awarded two free throws for the foul committed by B1. True
A1 is fouled by B2 and is awarded two free throws. The foul is B2's fifth foul. The trail official reports the fifth foul to Team B's coach. Before a substitute is made, the lead official incorrectly permits A1 to attempt the first free throw. The trail official realizes the error and huddles with the lead official. The first try shall not count, and after Team B replaces B2, A1 shall have two tries. False
A1 is fouled in the act of shooting and is awarded two free throws. A1 is injured on the play and Team A's coach has been beckoned on the floor to attend to A1. Although by rule A1 should leave the game until the next legal opportunity to substitute, the officials make an error and permit A1 to complete the free throws before leaving. The opposing coach objects and insists that A1's substitute should have shot the free throws, and a correctable error has occurred. The officials agree, that when A1 attempted the throws, she was the wrong player, and the error will be corrected by ignoring the result of A1's tries, and allowing her replacement two free throws. False
B1 is running the end line for a throw-in after a made free throw by Team A. B1 releases her throw-in that is immediately kicked by A4 near the end line. Team B will be awarded a throw-in on the end line near where the violation occurred. Team B will retain the right to run the baseline. True 7-5-7
Team B is wearing uniform shirts which have a black, 2-inch wide band attached around the shoulder strap in memory of an injured teammate. Legal. True 3-4-16
The wide-channel basketball is legal. True Adaptation # 1
A player who is severely injured and unconscious leaves the game. Later, she attempts to re-enter the game, but no physician is available to give authorization, as required by rule 2-8-5. The player may not enter the game. False Adaptation # 2
Team A, the home team, is wearing light yellow uniforms. These uniforms are not legal. The penalty, according to rule 10-3-3 is a technical foul on each player. False
Team B players are wearing headbands which are actually bandannas which are rolled up and tied in back. As long as this headband is no wider than 2" and is a single solid color that is the same among all teammates, it is legal. True
The visiting team won the coin toss and will get possession to begin the game. Prior to the game, the home team coach receives a technical foul. As a result, the visiting team will shoot two free throws and get possession of the ball to begin the game. Since it won the earlier coin toss, the visiting team will also have the arrow pointed in in its direction after the penalties for the technical foul are enforced. False
Profanity is considered to be an unsportsmanlike act, even if it is not directed at another individual, but merely a result of frustration. True Case 2.8.1 Comment
In the first quarter, B3 shoots and scores from behind the three point line. The official gives the proper signal. However, the scorer records the goal as a "two-pointer". At halftime, the Team B coach brings the error to the attention of the officials. Since this was not detected before the second dead clock following the error, the error is not correctable. False
A4 has established legal guarding position. Her arms are raised. B3 attempts a shot. A4 rises up within her vertical plane. B3 contacts A4 in her attempt to shoot. The foul is assessed to A4 since she was no longer in legal guarding position when she went airborne. False
The visiting team won the coin toss and will get possession to begin the game. Later, during the pregame warm-ups, a home team player receives a technical foul for unsportsmanlike conduct. Just before the introductions begin, a visiting team player receives a technical foul for unsportsmanlike conduct. The game will begin with no free throws, and the visiting team with the first possession. False Case 6.3.1 Situation A
A1 is fouled and Team A is in the bonus. Before A1 attempts the one-and-one, A1 is whistled for a technical foul for taunting. A1 goes to the free-throw line to attempt the one-and-one with no players lined up. A1 makes the first free throw, then the horn sounds and the scorer indicates that A1's technical foul was the fifth foul on A1. The result of A1's first free throw shall stand and A1's replacement shall attempt the remaining free throw (if the first was successful), before Team B shoots its technical foul free throws. True 2-11-11 Note 2 (NFHS taunting is not automatic ejection) This is a poor question!
A1 has started a try for a goal (is in the act of shooting), but the ball is not yet in flight when the official blows the whistle for B2 fouling A2. A1's try is successful. A1's goal shall count because the foul was committed by the defense after the try had begun. True
Alternate possession, Team A to receive the ball. The official bounces the ball to A3 for the throw-in. B4 fouls A5 as she tries to get open to receive the throw-in. After the foul, Team A will have a throw-in since it is not in the bonus. The possession arrow will now be pointed in the direction of Team B. True
The official notices B4's shoelaces are untied. Play will not be stopped to allow the laces to be tied. However, the official may delay resumption of play, once stopped, to allow B4 to tie the laces. True
A6 checks in at the scorer's bench to replace A1. While waiting for play to stop so she may enter the game, the coach calls A6 back to the bench - he decided not to put her in the game. When play stops, the horn sounds and A6 runs into the game. Charge A6 with a technical foul for failing to report before entering the game. True
Team A fouls Team B. Team A calls a time-out. The officials erroneously give Team A the ball after the time-out. Team B should have been given a bonus free throw attempt as a result of the Team A foul. Team A makes a basket. Now, the error is recognized. This is a correctable error. Team B will shoot the previously merited free throws with no one along the lane. Since play was stopped after Team A made a basket, it will be resumed by giving Team B the ball as after a made field goal with the opportunity to run the end line. The basket by Team A counts. True 2-10
A player who is closely guarded shall not hold the ball for five seconds or dribble the ball for five seconds in her backcourt. False 4-10
Team B players are wearing orange and white ribbons with the team nickname "Tigers" on them. The ribbons are legal. False 3-5-2
B3 begins a dribble with both knees on the ground. When she stands, she commits a violation. False Case 4.43.5 Situation C