2002-2003 Girls' Basketball Examination

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A1 has blood trickling down her knee. The official makes her leave the game. Team A then calls a time-out. The player gets her blood situation taken care of satisfactorily by the end of the time-out and comes back onto the floor to resume play with her team. Legal. True 3-3-6
A1 has two free throws. She makes the first one. However, A2 violates on the second try. Team B gets the ball out of bounds. The Team B thrower-in can run the baseline. False 7-5-2
During a free throw by Team A, a Team B player steps into the lane too early. That action causes a Team A player to follow into the lane too early, also. This creates a double violation and will be handled by using the alternate possession rule. False 9-1 Pen 4a
During pre-game warm-ups, the coach of Team A is assessed a technical foul for disputing calls which occurred in the previous game. This technical foul restricts the Team A coaching staff to the bench for the entire game. True Adaptation #11
Player A3 receives a pass in the lane. After dribbling the ball in the lane for two seconds, she has an interrupted dribble. The three second count will continue. True 9-7, 2002-2003 Rules Changes
A1 has started a try for a goal (is in the act of shooting), but the ball is not yet in flight when the official blows the whistle for B2 fouling A2. A1's try is successful. A1's goal shall count because the foul was committed by the defense after the try had begun. True 6-7-7 Exc 3
Player A2 gains possession of a rebound and proceeds to excessively swing her elbows. She will be called for a technical foul even though she did not actually make contact with another player. False 9-13, 2002-2003 Rules Changes
It is Team B's turn for the alternating possession throw-in. By mistake, Team A is given the throw-in. The error is noticed before Team A's throw-in touches an inbounds player. The error may be corrected. True Case 6.3.1 Situation D (2000-2001 test question # 7)
A player is knocked unconscious and leaves the game in the 2nd quarter. Later in the 3rd quarter, she attempts to re-enter the game. The officials shall not allow her to play without written authorization from a physician. False Adaptation # 2
Team A fouls Team B. Team A calls a time-out. The officials erroneously give Team A the ball after the time-out. Team B should have been given a bonus free throw attempt as a result of the Team A foul. Team A makes a basket. Now, the error is recognized. This is a correctable error. Team B will shoot the previously merited free throw(s) with no one along the lane. Since play was stopped after Team A made a basket, it will be resumed by giving Team B the ball as after a made field goal with the opportunity to run the end line. True 2-10 (2001-2002 test question # 47)
Each team must submit the names and numbers of each team member and designate the five starting players at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time. True 3-2-1
B3 ends her dribble and jumps and releases the ball on a try for a goal. A1 blocks the shot, but B3 secures control while still in the air. B3 returns to the floor and dribbles to the basket and scores. Violation by B3. False 4-12-3a (2001-2002 test question # 20)
All varsity overtime periods are four minutes long. True 5-7-3 (Adaptation # 7 in 2001-2002 season, deleted last year)
A1 is dribbling in her backcourt when the ball strikes her foot and skids away. In an attempt to get to the ball, A1 fouls B4. Since this is an interrupted dribble, A1 is charged with a player control foul. False 4-12-1
Team A received the ball to begin the fourth quarter in accordance with the alternate possession rule. There are no alternate possession situations during the entire fourth quarter. Regulation time ends with the score tied. Team B will receive the ball to begin the overtime. True Adaptation #7
B1 is running the end line for a throw-in after a made free throw by Team A. B1 releases her throw-in that is intentionally kicked by A4 near the end line. Team B will be awarded a throw-in on the end line near where the violation occurred. Team B will retain the right to run the baseline. True 7-5-7
As players line up for a free throw by Team A, the lane space nearest to the end line will be vacant on both sides. Team B must have a player in the first legal lane space on each side of the lane nearest to the basket in order to have a legal free throw. True Adaptation # 9
The alternate possession arrow points to Team B. As B1 attempts the throw-in, A4 fouls B3 while attempting to break free to receive a pass. Since this was the tenth foul of the half, B3 will shoot two free throws. The possession arrow will remain pointed in the direction of Team B. False Adaptation # 8
In the fourth quarter of the game, two substitutes for Team B report to the scorer. It is discovered that the coach inadvertently omitted their names and numbers from the score-sheet. Two technical fouls will be assessed to Team B. False 10-1-2 Penalty
The clock is running and A4 has the ball when Team A coach requests a time-out. The official shall recognize the coach's request. True 5-8-3
A1 is fouled and awarded two free throws. The foul was B2's fifth foul. Her replacement shall be allowed into the game prior to shooting the first free throw but other substitutes must wait until after the first free throw to enter the game. False 3-3-1c
A5 ends her dribble and passes the ball to a teammate. While the pass is in the air, A5 charges into B1. The foul on A5 is a player-control foul . False 4-19-6: player control foul, 4-12-2: team control during a pass (2001-2002 test question # 2)
During a loose ball situation, player B4 secures possession of the ball and out of confusion turns and shoots at the opposing team's basket. The shot is taken from behind the 3 point line and the ball goes in. Three points should be awarded to Team A and it will be Team B's ball out of bounds under Team A's basket. False 5-2-1
Team B players are wearing headbands which are actually bandannas that are rolled up and tied in the back. As long as the headband is no wider than 2" and is a single solid color that is the same among all teammates, it is legal. True Adaptation #6 (2001-2002 test question # 36)
The band for the home team is playing during a live ball. The officials shall notify game management to instruct the band to only play during permitted times. True Case 1.18a
During a 30 second time-out, players shall remain standing on the floor in the vicinity of their team bench. Teammates may participate in the time-out huddle. True 5-12-5
A4 has a metal splint on a broken finger but it is completely covered with foam padding and tape. Legal. False 3-5-1
Following a field goal by A1, B3 is running the end line for a throw-in when a Team A player reaches through the plane in an attempt to prevent the throw-in. The official stops play and issues a warning to Team A for violating the boundary plane. Team B retains the right to run the end line during the subsequent throw-in. True 7-5-7
As Team A is advancing the ball from its backcourt, A1 passes to A2. A2 catches the ball while both feet are on the floor - one foot is in the backcourt and one foot is in the frontcourt. A2 lifts the foot in frontcourt and pivots putting both feet now in the backcourt. Legal. True 4-4-6
Three minutes before the start of the game, it is discovered that two Team B members have incorrect numbers in the scorebook. Team B coach requests the numbers be corrected. Assess Team B with a technical foul. However, if the coach does not request the numbers be corrected, and the player never enter the game, no technical foul is assessed. True 10-1-2
B1 is charged with an intentional foul against A1 during a successful three point try. A1 will receive two free throws in addition to the three points being counted. True Summary # 4
During a stoppage of play, there are several substitutions by both teams. B2 goes to the bench and remains there believing that she has been replaced. The ball is put in play and Team B has only four players on the court. Team B is advancing the ball into the frontcourt when the coach realizes B2 should not have left the game. At the coach's request, B2 immediately sprints directly onto the playing court without reporting or being beckoned. Technical foul on B2. True Case 10.3.4 Situation C (2001-2002 test question # 21)
A1 jumps to try for a field goal or to pass the ball. B1 leaps or reaches and is able to put her hand(s) on the ball and keep A1 from releasing it. A1 returns to the floor with the ball. A traveling violation has occurred. False Case 4.25.2
Team B is wearing uniform shirts which have a black 2 inch wide band attached around the shoulder strap in memory of the death of a former player or coach. Le gal.. True 3-4-16 (2001-2002 test question # 32)
A1 has been awarded two free throws after time has expired in the fourth quarter. Team B leads 62-60. A1 misses her first free throw. The second free throw will not be attempted. True 5-6-3 Exception
A3 attempts a lay-up but is fouled and receives two free throws. She is injured and cannot attempt the free throws. Her substitute, A6, misses the first try. Team A coach substitutes A7 for A6 to attempt the second try. The official will allow the substitution. False 8-2
A1 fouls B2. It is A1's fifth foul. The official notifies the Coach of Team A and A1 of the disqualification. The official instructs the timer to begin the 30 second replacement period. After 15 seconds, Team A Coach requests a time-out to finish deciding who to put in. The time-out shall not be granted since A1 has not been properly replaced. True 5-8-3b
The wide channel basketball is legal. True Adaptation # 1
A shot by A4 was in flight when the horn sounds to end the fourth quarter. A foul was called against B2 on the shot. The shot goes in the basket to tie the score. Team B requests a 60 second time-out prior to A4 attempting the free throw. Team B then asks for a successive 30 second time-out during the same dead ball. The time-out shall be granted. False 5-12-3
The official notices B3's shoelaces are untied. Play will not be stopped to allow the laces to be tied. However, the official may delay resumption of play, once stopped, to allow B3 to tie the laces. True 5-11 Exception (2001-2002 test question # 45)
During warm-ups, both officials observe A2 dunk the basketball. A technical foul should be assessed to A2. The game will begin with two free throws. False State Meeting
In the first quarter, B3 shoots and scores from behind the three point line. The official gives the proper signal. However, the scorer records the goal as a "two pointer". At half time, Team B Coach brings the error to the attention of the officials. Since this was not detected before the second dead clock following the error, the error is not correctable. False 2-11-11
Following a held ball call, the alternate possession arrow is changed as soon as the ball is legally placed at the disposal of the girl making the throw-in. True Adaptation # 7
A player who is closely guarded shall not hold the ball for five seconds or dribble the ball for five seconds in the backcourt. False 9-8, key word is backcourt
It is a violation if a shot hits the side edge of the backboard regardless if it is a rectangular or fan-shaped backboard.. False 7-1-2c
The visiting team won the coin toss and will get possession of the ball to begin the game. Prior to the start of the game, the home team coach receives a technical foul. As a result, the visiting team will shoot two free throws and have possession of the ball to begin the game. Since it had earlier also won the coin toss, the visiting team will also have the arrow pointed in its direction after the penalties for the technical foul are enforced. False Adaptation # 7
While making a throw-in from out of bounds, player A3 inadvertently steps through the plane of the end line and touches the floor inbounds. There is no defensive pressure on the ball and A3 manages to re-establish her position out of bounds prior to releasing the throw-in. Legal. False Case 9.2.5
As A2 is dribbling the ball in A's back court, A4 is standing in Team A's three second lane wide open waving for the ball. After three seconds, a violation will be called. False 9-7-1
While dribbling in A's front court, A1 is closely guarded by B1. After two seconds, B2 also assumes a closely guarding position on A1 and B1 leaves to go guard A2. The closely guarded count shall continue. True 9-10-1
It is basket interference if a player touches the ball or basket (including the net) when the ball is on or within either basket. True 4-6-1