2004-2005 Girls' Basketball Examination

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During the pre-game warm-up, the coach of Team A is assessed with a technical foul for disputing a call made in the previous game. This technical foul restricts the Team A coaching staff to the bench for the entire game. True
During a free throw by A1, A2, who is in the legal middle lane space, retreats backwards out of her lane space prior to the ball hitting the rim. Legal? False
Team A brings in four new substitute players at the same time. The captain of Team B requests a defensive match-up prior to the ball becoming alive. The referee shall honor the request. True
While dribbling, B3 catches the ball and attempts to pivot. Without any contact, B3 falls to the floor while in possession of the ball. B3 will be called for traveling. True
A4 is wearing a knee brace. This is legal as long as any exposed hinge is covered. True
B5 has possession of the ball in her frontcourt but is trapped by A2 near the center division line. B5 passes the ball to B1 who is also near the center division line. The ball bounces in B's backcourt before B1 catches it. Even the B1 is in the frontcourt when she catches the pass, a violation will be called against Team B. True 9-9-1, 4-4-1, 2003-2004 Girls' Test Question #35
The wide channel basketball will be used in all district, regional, and state tournament games in 2004-05. True
B2 throws a pass intended for B4. A5 intentionally sticks her knee out and deflects the ball. A kicking violation shall be called against A5. True
A1 has a metal splint on a broken finger but it is completely covered with foam padding and tape. Legal? False
A1 dives for a loose ball and slides after gaining control. Once stopped, A1 rolls over and passes the ball to A2. Legal? False
A team must begin the game with five players. Late in the game, several players from Team A have fouled out leaving only four eligible remaining players. The game may continue with Team A having only four players on the floor. True
A2 is given the ball for a designated spot throw-in. A2 takes two steps directly backwards to avoid the defensive pressure. Legal? True
A5 ends her dribble and passes the ball to a teammate. While the pass is in the air, A5 charges into B1. The foul against A5 is a player control foul. False 4-19-6: player control foul, 4-12-2: team control during a pass, 2003-2004 test question # 31
As Team A is advancing the ball from its backcourt, A1 passes to A2. A2 catches the ball while both feet are on the floor---one foot in the frontcourt and one foot in the backcourt. A2 lifts her foot from the frontcourt and pivots now putting both feet into the backcourt. A violation for "over and back" shall be called. False
A3 is guarding B3 by holding her hands in front of B3's eyes to purposely obstruct her vision. A technical foul shall be called against A3. True
A4 sets a screen against B4 which is in clear view. A4 may be as close as she wishes without making contact and while in a stationary position. True
Each team must submit the names and numbers of each team member and designate the five starting players at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled game time. True
It is permissible for a player to wear a string bracelet or rubber band around her wrist or ankle while playing as long as it is soft in nature or has tape covering it. False
All varsity overtime periods shall be four minutes long. True 5-7-3, deleted from adaptations in 2002
B2 receives her fifth foul. The timer shall sound a warning signal (horn) after 20 seconds of the 30 seconds permitted for replacing a disqualified player have elapsed. True
Before the ball touches the rim or backboard on a free throw attempt by A1, B2 is in a legal lane space with her foot positioned so it is breaking the vertical plane of the side edge of the line separating her lane space from the one next to her. If the free throw was missed, a violation shall be called against B2 and an alternate free throw awarded. True
Team A has received the ball to begin the fourth quarter in accordance with the alternate possession rule. There are no alternate possession situations during the entire fourth quarter. Regulation time ends with the score tied. Team B shall have the ball to begin the overtime period. True, Adaptation #7, 2003-2004 test question # 18
Team A's coach calls a time out but gives no indication to the official as to whether it was a 60 second or 30 second time out. His/her team immediately enters the huddle and he/she begins coaching. A 60 second time out shall be charged as long as Team A has one remaining. True
During a loose ball situation, B4 secures possession of the ball and out of confusion turns and shoots at the opposing team's basket. The shot is taken from behind the three point line and goes in. Three points shall be awarded to Team A and it will be Team B's ball out of bounds under Team A's basket for a throw-in. False
Late in the game, Team A wishes to make two substitutions at the same time. Neither player's number is correct in the official scorebook. The penalty is a technical foul issued against each player. False
Following a held ball call, the alternate possession arrow is changed as soon as the ball is legally touched in-bounds following the throw-in. False
B1 is charged with an intentional foul against A1 during a successful 3 point try. A1 will receive two free throws in addition to the three points being counted. True
A pass from A3 to A4 hits one of the officials who is standing inbounds and deflects out of bounds without touching anyone else. Team B will be awarded the ball at that spot for a throw-in. True
A1 jumps to try for a field goal or to pass the ball. B2 places her hand directly on the ball and prevents A1 from releasing the ball. A1 returns to the floor with the ball as a result. A held ball should be called. True Case 4.25.2, similar to 2003-2004 test question # 11
Team B has a player foul out of the game. Team B has several eligible substitutes on the bench but wishes to finish the game with just four players. Legal? False
As players line up for a free throw by Team A, the lane space nearest to the end line will be vacant on both sides. Team B must have a player in the first legal lane space on each side of the lane nearest to the basket in order to have a legal free throw. True
B2 is wearing a wristband on her wrist with a NIKE logo on it. Legal? False, Adaptation # 6
Home varsity uniforms must be white in color and have even numbers and away uniforms must be a color other than white and have odd numbers. True, Adaptation # 4, wording is incorrect
After having received a technical foul in the first half for unsportsmanlike conduct, the head coach stands up during the 3rd quarter to applaud a great play by his/her team but continues standing to shout defensive instructions to his/her team. A second technical foul shall be charged for violating the bench decorum rule and the coach will be ejected. True
As A1 is dribbling the ball in her backcourt, A4 is standing in Team A's three second lane in their frontcourt wide open waving for the ball. After three seconds, a violation should be called. False
Each team is allowed two 60 second timeouts and three 30 second timeouts during each game. False
A5 is closely guarded by B2 for 5 seconds while dribbling in the backcourt. A violation should be called. False
A2 replaces A4 during a dead ball. Team B then takes a time out. A4 then substitutes for A5 at the conclusion of the time out before the ball was made live. Legal? False 3-3-4
A4 is fouled by B5 while in the act of shooting. Time expires for the 4th quarter and the horn sounds while the ball was in flight. The shot misses leaving the score tied. Team B takes a 60 second time out prior to the first free throw. Team A then requests a 30 second time out still prior to the free throw. Legal? False 5-12-3
B3 while playing defense has one foot on the floor inbounds and one foot on the floor out of bounds. A2 dribbles directly into B3 creating contact torso to torso. This is a player control charging foul. False
During the first quarter, a substitute who desires to enter the game shall report to the scorer giving her number. True 3-3-1
An overtime game becomes an extension of the fourth quarter. Thus, a player who had already played in the fourth quarter is not charged with any additional quarters for the overtime. A player who had not played in the fourth quarter but plays in the overtime is charged with one quarter regardless how many overtimes are played. True
Two of Team A's players are wearing black headbands and red wristbands. Legal? False, Adaptation # 6
A2 gains possession of a rebound and proceeds to excessively swing her elbows. A personal foul will be charged to her even though she did not make contact with any other player. False
After A3 has dribbled the ball for eight seconds in the backcourt, Team A requests and is granted a time out. Team A will have a new 10 seconds to advance the ball into their frontcourt following the throw-in. True
A1 requests and is granted a time out late in the fourth quarter. Team A had already used all of its allotted time outs. Team A is granted the time out but is charged with a technical foul. True
A restraining line is being used on all four sides of the court for throw-ins. Team A is taking the ball out-of-bounds under the basket for a throw-in following a made free throw by Team B. A4 is standing inside the restraining line on the side of the court near the center division line when the throw in is made. A violation should be called against A4. False
A2 is closely guarded by B2 while dribbling in her frontcourt. After three seconds, B3 begins closely guarding A2 and B2 leaves to guard someone else. The count for being closely guarded shall continue. True
As A3 attempts to throw a bounce pass, the ball accidentally hits B2 on the foot and rolls away. A violation shall be called against B2 for kicking the ball. False
While Team A is in possession of the ball, Team B requests a time out and the official erroneously grants the time out. Upon discovering the error, Team B is still entitled to use the time out since it was granted. The time out, once granted, cannot be revoked and is charged to Team B. True