2008-2009 Girls' Basketball Examination

Check the box for the answer.

Home varsity uniforms must be white and have even numbers. True, Adaptation #1
The opening jump ball is between A4 and B4. A4 chooses to not even jump and the ball is legally tapped by B4. A1 secures team possession. A violation shall be called against Team A because A4 did not jump. False
A3 dives for a loose ball and slides after gaining control. After securing possession and while lying on her back, A5 passes to a teammate. A violation for traveling shall be called. False
Following the second horn indicating a time-out has ended, Team A is still wiping up water from the playing court and delays the game from immediately resuming. Team A shall be issued a warning for delay. If a previous warning for any type of delay has already been issued to Team A, a technical foul shall be charged. True
Headbands must be white, black, beige, or the color of the torso of the uniform jersey and must be the same for all teammates who wear one. True, 3-5-3
Each team must submit the names and numbers of each team member and designate the five starting players at least three minutes prior to the scheduled game time. False
A4 dives for a loose ball and secures possession while lying on the floor. A4 then stands up and then passes the ball to teammate A2. Legal? False
An overtime period in a varsity game shall be four minutes in length. True
The signal of spreading the arms shall be used when needed to communicate that a defensive player is not in a closely-guarded position relative to the player in possession of the ball. True
The referee discovers that three players in the game for Team A are wearing illegal uniforms. Three technical fouls shall be charged. False, 10-5-4
The warning horn shall be sounded with 15 seconds remaining for a 30 second time-out. True, 5-11-2
During a free throw by Team B, the lane space nearest the end line must be left vacant on both sides. Team A must have a player in the first legal lane space on both sides. True, 8-1-4
With both teams in the bonus free throw situation, B2 is called for a foul during a throw-in. Free throws will be awarded. True
A3 is handed the ball for a designated-spot throw-in. A3 takes two steps directly backward to provide more room for the throw-in against the defensive pressure. A violation shall be called. False
The referee has notified each team three minutes prior to the time expiring for the second half to begin. Team A fails to return to the court delaying the start of the second half by two minutes. A technical foul shall be charged to Team A. True, 10-1-5a
To begin the first half, each team shall warm up and begin the game shooting at the basket on the same end of the court as their team is sitting. False
A1 requests and is granted a time-out late in the game. Team A has already used its allotted number of time-outs for the game. Team A shall be charged with a technical foul but then granted its time-out. True
A2 is dribbling the ball when A4 commits a foul for setting an illegal screen against B1. Since Team B is in the bonus free-throw situation due to this being the ninth foul against Team A, B1 will shoot a 1 and 1 free throw. False 4-12-6, 10-6 Pen 1.b, Last year #41
After Team B has used seven seconds in the backcourt trying to advance the ball, B2 requests and is granted a time-out. Following the time-out, Team B will have three seconds to get the ball into their front court. False
A1, who is designated as a starter 10 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time of the game, becomes ill just before the game starts. A1 may be replaced without penalty by a legal substitute. A1 could legally enter the game at a later time. True
A5 is being closely-guarded by B1 while dribbling the ball in her front court. After three seconds, B2 and B1 switch and now B2 continues to closely guard b5. The closely-guarded count should continue since both defensive players were within the closely-guarded area. True
During a jump ball, after the ball is legally tapped by jumper A2, the ball deflects off non-jumper A5 and pops into the air when A2 secures possession of the ball. A violation shall be called against A2 for catching the ball. False
A5 fouls out of the game with three minutes remaining in the game. Team A does have several eligible substitutes on the bench but the Team A coach elects to just finish the game using four players instead of substituting. Legal? False
The game clock shows two-tenths of a second remaining in the third quarter. Team A has the ball out of bounds for a throw-in at their offensive end of the floor. A2 catches the in-bounds pass and quickly shoots with the ball out of her hand prior to the horn sounding. Regardless of the outcome of the shot, it shall not count. True
A1 is injured during a play in which A1 was fouled. As a result, A1 cannot attempt the free throw(s) awarded to her, substitute A6 replaces A1 and attempts the free throw(s) which are successful. Substitute A7 then replaces A6 before the clock starts. Legal? True
B3 has a rubber plug inserted in her ear replacing a pierced earring. Legal? False
B5 is making a throw-in from out of bounds under her offensive basket. A4 has her back turned to B5 so B5 deflects the ball off A4ís back and legally positions herself in bounds prior to securing the ball. She then shoots and makes a basket. Legal and play continues. True
An official calls a foul against Team B and observes 0:07 on the game clock when he blows the whistle. After reporting the foul to the scorerís bench, the official notices the clock shows 0:03. The official shall have 0:07 placed back on the clock before resuming play. True
A violation is called against Team A for a double dribble. While the official is moving to the designated spot for the throw-in, both head coaches are standing at their Team Bench giving instructions to their players on the court. Legal? True
B3 is wearing shoes which have lights which are activated by heal contact with the floor. These are legal. False
A3 is closely-guarded for five seconds by B1 while dribbling in the back court. Legal and play continues. True
During a free throw by Team B, the Team A players along the free throw lane have their hands above their heads and are waving their hands. This is illegal and should be enforced if the free throw is missed. True 9-1-5, Last year #30
As Team A is advancing the ball from its backcourt, A1 passes to A2. A2 catches the ball while both feet are on the floor---one foot is in the front court and one foot is in the backcourt. A2 then lifts her foot from the front court and pivots now placing both feet in the backcourt. An over and back violation should be called. False
B1 is charged with an intentional foul against A1 who is in the act of shooting but misses the three point try. A1 shall be awarded three free throws and awarded the ball out of bounds at the out of bounds spot nearest the foul. True
A2 has a metal splint on a broken finger which is completely covered with foam padding and tape. Legal? False
A2 is dribbling the ball in her front court and is closely guarded by B2. After three seconds of being closely guarded, A2 dribbles past B2 toward the basket causing B2 to guard A2 from behind but still remaining within the six feet guarding distance. The closely-guarded count is off and play continues. True
While Team B is in possession of the ball, the official erroneously grants a time out requested by Team A. Upon discovering the error, the time out is charged to Team A and the time allotted for the time-out is granted. True
Late in the fourth quarter, Team B is trailing by six points. Team Bís head coach begins to yell for his players to ďfoulĒ. B1 responds by reaching for the ball but illegally contacting A1 on the arm. An intentional foul shall be called. False
As the teams are positioning for the opening jump ball to begin the game, Team A requests a time out. The time out shall be granted. False
After being informed by the official that B4 has fouled out, the coach walks along his bench to select and briefly confer with the replacement player. Legal? True
While Team A has possession of the ball, a double foul is called against A1 and B1 in the post area. The foul shall be assessed to each player and to each teamís total fouls and the ball awarded to whichever team has the possession arrow at that point. False
The replacement time for a disqualified player is 20 seconds---so the warning horn shall be sounded with 15 seconds remaining. True
A2 has been awarded two free throws as time expires on the clock in the fourth quarter. Team B is leading 52-50. A2 misses the first free throw. The second free throw shall not be attempted. True
A1, at the free throw line to attempt a free throw, accidentally loses control and dribbles the ball off her foot into the lane area while performing her pre-free throw routine. A free throw violation shall be called and that free throw lost. True
While the ball is live and in play (clock is running), a coach is standing directly in front of his Team Bench quietly watching the action. Unless he is addressing the officials, legal and play continues. False
A1 sets a screen against B1 which is in clear view. A1 may be as close as she wishes without making contact and is in a stationary position within the vertical plane with her stance and not more than shoulder width apart. True
A player is discovered in the game with tape covering a pierced earring. Legal? False
The possession arrow shall be changed immediately upon handing the ball to the player making the throw-in. False
A5 is guarding B4 and is waving her hands in front of B4ís face to prevent her from being able to see the pass. A technical foul shall be assessed against A5. True, 10-3-6d
It is permissible for the officiating crew to determine which official will toss the opening jump ball---it does not have to be the referee. True