2009-2010 Girls' Basketball Examination

Each team is entitled to one additional 60-second time-out during each overtime period, and unused time-outs accumulate and may be used at any time. True; 5-12-1
Two 16-minute halves may be used instead of four 8-minute quarters at the varsity level if used in non-conference game and both schools agree. True; State Meeting; Experimental Rule for 2009-2010
A player who receives her second technical foul and is disqualified shall leave the vicinity (out of sight and sound) of the playing area immediately and is prohibited from any further contact with the team for the remainder of the game. False; 10-3 Note; Case 10.5
A bleeding player who is directed to leave the game may return to the game in the same dead ball period if the bleeding is stopped in reasonable amount of time. False; 3-3-7
There is no team control during a throw-in. True; 4-12-6
Home uniforms shall be white in color with even numbers, and vistor uniforms shall be a color other than white with odd numbers. True; Adaptations
During a five-second count, if the ball moves out of an official's primary area, he/she shall maintain the count until the count is appropriately ended. True; OM
B1 is standing inbounds in a legal guarding position behind the plane of the backboard before A1 jumps for a lay-up shot. Airborne shooter A1's momentum causes her to charge into B1. Player control foul? True; 4-19-6
A1 is about to attempt the first shot of a one-and-one free-throw situation. The administering official steps in and erroneously informs players that two shots will be attempted. A1's first attempt is unsuccessful. The missed shot is rebounded by A2 or B2 with all other players motionless in anticipation of another free-throw. Play should continue. False; 2-10
Center and trail officials should not mirror each other's three-point attempt signals, but they should mirror successful three-point attempt signals. True; OM
When screening a moving opponent, the screener must allow the opponent time and distance to avoid contact by stopping or changing direction. True; 4-40-5
A1 is in the act of shooting, but the ball is not yet in flight when the official blows the whistle for B2 fouling A2. A1's try is successful, and team A is in the double bonus. Count the basket and award A2 two free throws. True; Case 6.7 Situation D
Rubber bands are not considered jewerly and are legal to be worn on the wrists or ankles. False; 3-5-3
A1 ends her dribble and attempts a try for goal. The try does not touch the backboard, rim, or another player. A1 runs and is able to catch the ball before it strikes the floor. Traveling? False; Case 4.44 Situation B
If the scorer's horn is sounded while the ball is live or about to become live, it causes the ball to become dead. False; 6-7
An assistant coach seated at the team bench is using a personal digital assistant (PDA) to keep stats. Legal? True; 10-1-3
An official may suspend play to permit a player to correct or replace displaced eyeglasses or lens within a reasonable amount of time without charging a time-out. True; 5-11 Exception (a)
Coaches are allowed to stand up and confer with officials whenever the clock is not running. False; State Bench Decorum Rule
If a throw-in boundary-line plane violation occurs, a team warning is reported to the scorer and the violating team's coach. True; 4-47-1
When play is resumed with a throw-in or free throw and three-tenths of a second or less remains on the clock, no field goal may be scored by a try for goal; however, a tap could still score a goal. True; 5-2-5
In three-person crews, the trail official shall mirror the lead's stop- and start-clock (chop) signals for frontcourt endline throw-ins. True; State Clinic
Iowa will utiltize the coaching box rule this season. False; State Bench Decorum Rule
Players may wear any color or multi-colored headbands and hair devices, and teammates do not have to match. True; Adaptations
The official shall signal the timer to being the 20-second interval for replacing an injured player after the injured player has been removed from the court and the coach has been notified that a replacement is required, unless a time-out is requested by, and granted to, that coach's team. True; 2-12-5 Note
A coach is not allowed to walk the confines of his/her bench to select a replacement for a disqualified player. False; State Bench Decorum Rule
Intentionally slapping the backboard while a try is in flight, touching the backboard, or in the cylinder is always a technical foul and may also be basket interference. True; 10-3-4(b)
The lead official should be positioned approximately four feet from the nearer lane line and well off the end line for the last free throw of any sequence. The lead official should be positioned in the bottom lane space for the first free throw of a two-shot sequence and the first two free throws of a three-shot sequence. False; State Rules Meeting
The game is tied at the end of regulation in a sub-varsity contest using 7-minute quarters. Overtime periods shall be 3:30 in length. True; 5-7-3
Late in the first quarter, Team A is issued a warning for interfering with the ball following a goal. With one minute remaining in the game, Team A delays a free throw by huddling in the lane area. Team technical foul charged to Team A. True; 10-1-5
If an official erroneously grants a time-out request by the coach of Team B while Team A is in possession of the ball, it is not a team infraction. Allow the Team B the time-out and charge it to them. True; Case 5.8.3 Situation E
With Team A behind 59-61 near the expiration of time in the fourth quarter, shooter A1 is fouled in the act of shooting, but time expires before the release of the ball. The try is successful. Disallow the basket, and A1 shoots two free throws. True; Case 6.7 Situation C
A1 is awarded two free throws. The officials erroneously permit the ball to remain in play after A1 misses her first attempt. A2 rebounds and scores. B1 then inbounds the ball and plays continues until a common foul is called on A3 in B's frontcourt. The scorer brings the error to the officials' attention at this time. Correct the error and resume from the point of interruption. False; 2-10-3
A1 is wearing a red headband. A2 is wearing beige pre-wrap as a headband and a yellow sweatband on her wrist. Legal? True; State Meeting
B1 fouls A1 on a try for goal. This is B1's fifth foul. B1 must be replaced prior to A1 shooting free throws, and all other legally reported subsitutes may also enter at this time. True; 2-8-3; 3-3-1(c) Exception
Team A's uniforms have numbers on the back of the jersey but not the front. Legal? False; 3-4-3
Thrower A1 inbounds the ball to A2. A1 then steps inbounds with one foot and with her other foot still in the air, receives a pass back from A2. Out of bounds violation on A1. False; Case 4.35.2
Following a goal by Team B, Team A has a running endline throw-in. A1's untouched throw-in pass is kicked by B2 near the division line. Award A1 another running endline throw-in. False; 7-5-7(b)
Prior to the game, the home team athletic director informs the officials that with their permission, a timing device controlled by the officials' whistles and belt packs will be used to time the game. Legal? False; ?
Due to illness, Team A only has four players available to start the game. The game may legally begin in this manner. False; 3-1-1 Note
During a throw-in by A1. A2 alights from her frontcourt, catches the ball in the air, and lands with one foot in the frontcourt and one foot in the backcourt. Legal and play continues. True; 9-9-3
A closely guarded count shall be terminated during an interrupted dribble. True; 9-10-3
Pivot-foot restrictions and the traveling rule are not in effect for a throw-in. True; 4-42-6 Note
Once a defender has obtained a legal guarding position, she may rise or jump vertically within her vertical plane and may extend her arms within her vertical plane. True; 4-23-3(d)
Team B requests a time-out just prior to the jump ball to start the game. The officials should honor this request and grant the time-out. False; Case 5.12.4 Situation A
During a three-point goal try by A1, the ball is on the ring of Team A's basket when B1 hits the net. Basket interference by B1. Award Team A three points. True; 9-11 Penalty
If B1 has established legal guarding position but is not "set", and a collision occurs between B1 and ball handler A1, a blocking foul must be called. False; 4-23-3
Team B's players have multiple manufacturer's logos on their shoes and socks. Legal? True; Case 3.6.1
A1's try for goal from near her free-throw line hits the bottom of or top of the rectangular backboard. In either case, the ball is out-of-bounds, and Team B shall be awarded the ball for a designated spot throw-in at a spot nearest the violation. False; 7-1-2
During a live ball, A1 and B1 foul each other at approximately the same time. Both teams are in the bonus. Both players will shoot free throws for the double-foul, and the game will resume at the point of interruption. False; 4-36-1
It is Team B's turn for the next alternating possession throw-in. The officials mistakenly give the ball to Team A for that throw-in. The error is discovered after the throw-in ends. It is too late to correct the error, and Team A will receive the next alternating possession throw-in. False; Case 6.4.1 Situation D