2010-2011 Girls' Basketball Examination

The head coach of Team A provides the referee with a note signed by the schoolís certified athletic trainer authorizing A1 to wear a compression sleeve on her elbow. The referee should permit the sleeve to be worn. False; State Meeting
When screening a moving opponent, the screener must allow the opponent a minimum of two steps to avoid contact by stopping or changing direction. False;4-23-5c (maximum)
If both teams return to their locker rooms during pregame warm-ups, it is permissible for the officials to return to their locker room as well, as long as they return to the court when the teams do. False, OM 3.1.4
A bleeding player who is directed to leave the game may return to the game in the same dead ball period if the bleeding is stopped in 20 seconds or less. False; 3-4
A try starts when the player begins the motion that habitually precedes the release of the ball, and the act of shooting begins simultaneously with the start of the try. True; 4-41-1, 4-41-3
Home uniforms shall be white in color with even numbers, and visitor uniforms shall be a color other than white with odd numbers. True; Adaptation #1
The Lead official is not responsible for 5-second closely-guarded counts in his/her primary coverage area. False; OM 3.3.2.B.1
Team A has two players on its home roster and in the scorebook numbered 0 and 00, respectively. Legal? False; Adaptation #2
A1 is dribbling when she drops to one knee and then ends the dribble. A traveling violation shall be called. False; 4.44.5 Sit C
Each team is entitled to one additional 30-second time-out during each overtime period, and unused time-outs accumulate and may be used at any time. False; 5-12-1
A1 is wearing a molded facemask without protrusions to protect a broken nose. The referee will not allow the mask to be worn without authorization from a doctor. True; 3-5-2d
When a player with the ball starts a drive to the basket from an officialís primary area, that official has primary coverage of the player and the ball all the way to the basket Ė even if the ball moves into another officialís primary area. True; OM 3.3.2.C.1
After a calling a foul on A3, the official notices that she is wearing a tongue ring. Technical foul on A3, and she may not participate until the jewelry is removed. False; 2.4.5 Sit B
The Trail official is responsible for the backcourt endline, his/her sideline, and the division line. True; OM Diagram 3-5
Prior to the start of the game, the visiting team head coach complains to the referee that her team bench is farther from the scorerís table than the home teamís bench. The referee informs home management that the visiting team bench must be repositioned so that the distance from the scorerís table for both benches is equal. This is proper procedure. False; 1.13.1
The referee is permitted to confer with the other officials, the scorer, and the timer in order to gain definite information regarding a timing mistake. True; 5-10
Fans from the home team are blowing air horns whenever a member of the visiting team is shooting free throws. Although not recommended, artificial noisemakers are not prohibited by rule. False; 1-18
If a free throw shooter is injured such that she cannot shoot the free throws, the opposing head coach will select the replacement shooter from the remaining four players. False; 8-2
If a throw-in boundary-line plane violation occurs, a team warning is reported to the scorer and the violating team's coach. Any subsequent throw-in boundary-line violation by the same team is penalized with a team technical foul. True; 4-47-1, 10-1-5c, Technical-Foul Penalty Summary
An official may suspend play to permit a player to correct or replace displaced eyeglasses or contact lens within a reasonable amount of time without charging a time-out. True; 5-11-3 Exc a
In three-person crews, the trail official shall mirror the lead's stop- and start-clock (chop) signals for frontcourt endline throw-ins. True; State Clinic
The Trail official is responsible for both the 10-second count and closely guarded counts in the backcourt. False; 9-10-1
All technical fouls count towards the team-foul total. True; Technical-Foul Penalty Summary
A1 appears to have a knee injury and is attended to on the playing floor by a trainer. After one minute, A1 is able to walk off under her own power. At this point, Team Aís coach calls a timeout and wishes to keep A1 in the game. Legal? True; 3-3-6
A coach is allowed to walk the confines of his/her bench to select a replacement for a disqualified player. True; 10-5-1d
A1 throws a bounce pass to A2 that inadvertently hits B2 in the leg. This is a kicking violation on B2. False; 4-29
The Lead official is responsible for calling basket interference or goaltending violations. False; OM 3.3.4.A.3
Timeouts may be reduced and play may resume if both teams are ready prior to the end of the timed timeout period. True; 5-11-1
Late in the first quarter, Team A is issued a warning for interfering with the ball following a goal. With one minute remaining in the game, Team A is issued another warning for delaying a free throw by huddling in the lane area. This is proper procedure. False; 10-1-5 Sit B
If an official erroneously grants a time-out request by the coach of Team B while Team A is in possession of the ball, it is not a team infraction. Allow the Team B the time-out and charge it to them. True; 5.8.3 Sit E
Contact that does not hinder the opponent from participating in normal defensive or offensive movements should be considered incidental. True; 4-27-3
With the clock stopped at 2:20 in a varsity overtime period, the timer informs the officials that he mistakenly set the game clock at 3:00 to start the overtime period. The officials shall instruct the timer to reset the clock to 3:20, and play shall continue. True; 5.7.3
Following a charged timeout Team B is still in its huddle on the sideline when the official administering the throw-in sounds his whistle to indicate play will resume. Team A inbounds the ball and A1 immediately shoots a 3-point shot and misses. Four Team B players then run onto the court and B2 secures the rebound. B5 then realizes she should be in the game and subsequently runs onto the court. Technical foul on B5. False; 10-1-9
If the timerís horn sounds while the ball is live or about to become live, the officials must stop play to confer with the scorerís bench. False; 2-11-3
A1 is wearing a blue headband, A2 is wearing beige pre-wrap as a headband and a green sweatband on her wrist, and A3 is wearing a multi-colored headband. Legal? True; Adaptation #3
A1 is fouled in the act of shooting by B1. A1ís try lodges between the ring and the backboard, and the possession arrow favors Team A. Award Team A an alternating possession throw-in from the nearer free-throw lane line extended. False; 6-4-3 Sit B
Following a goal by Team B, Team A has a running endline throw-in. A1's untouched throw-in pass is kicked by B2 near the division line. Award Team A a throw-in at a designated out-of-bounds spot nearest the violation. False; 7.5.7 Sit B
In order to maintain a legal guarding position, a guard must continue to face her opponent. False; 4-23-3b
After receiving the ball for a designated spot throw-in, A1 fumbles the ball. She then leaves the designated spot to retrieve the ball. The official should sound the whistle and re-administer the throw-in for Team A. False; 9.2.1 Sit B
During a throw-in by A1. A2 jumps from her frontcourt, catches the ball in the air, and lands with one foot in the frontcourt and one foot in the backcourt. A2 shall be called for a backcourt violation. False; 9-9-3
Team A is in the double bonus when A1 is fouled, but Team A is erroneously given a throw-in instead of the merited free throws. B2 steals A1ís inbound pass and dribbles to midcourt where B calls time-out. During the timeout, the officials discover the error. A1 is awarded two free throws with the lane cleared, and play resumes with a throw-in for Team B at midcourt. True; 2.10.1 Sit G
Pivot-foot restrictions and the traveling rule are not in effect for a throw-in. True; 4-42-6 Note
The scorer mistakenly credits a field goal by A1 to B1 early in the first quarter. At halftime the scorer brings the mistake to the attention of the officials. The referee orders the points to be credited to the proper player and the score corrected. This is proper procedure. True; 2.11.10 Sit C
When administering throw-ins on the frontcourt endline, it is permissible to bounce the ball to the thrower. False; OM 3.2.2.A.8
A request for an excess time-out shall be granted but is penalized with a team technical foul. True; 10.1.7
B1 has established a legal guarding position directly underneath the basket. A collision occurs between B1 and ball handler A1. Because B1 was under the basket, a blocking foul must be called. False; 2010-11 MAJOR BASKETBALL RULES DIFFERENCES
Team A's players have multiple manufacturer's logos on their headbands. Legal? False; 3-4-5
Penalties for fouls are administered in the order in which the fouls occurred. True; 8-7
Two 16-minute halves may be used instead of four 8-minute quarters at the varsity level if used in non-conference games and both schools agree. True; 2010-2011 Experimental Rule
After a lengthy substitution process involving multiple substitutions for both Team A and Team B, A5 goes to her team bench mistakenly believing she has been replaced. The ball is put into play with only four Team A players on the court. Team A is bringing the ball into its frontcourt when Team Aís coach realizes that she only has four players on the court. She then yells at A5 to get back in the game, and A5 runs back onto the court and catches up with the play. Technical foul on A5. False; 10.3.2 Sit B