1999-2000 Girls' Basketball Examination

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It is permissible for the official to bounce the ball to a player for a designated spot throw-in. True OM 220
Following a violation near the end of the third quarter, A4 takes the ball for a throw-in with 12 seconds left. The ball is inbounded to A2 who is closely guarded by B3. A2 holds the ball for three seconds, then begins dribbling while still closely guarded. After two more seconds, the referee observes the clock still stopped on 12 seconds. He shall order five seconds taken off the clock, and Team A will have a throw-in. True 5-10
A ball which displays the National Federation Authenticating Mark must be used in game competition. False Adaptation # 1
Grabbing a player from behind, wrapping arms around a player and excessively severe contact are all examples of intentional fouls. True 4-19-3
Alternate possession, Team A to receive the ball. The official bounces the ball to A3 for the throw-in. B4 fouls A5 as she tries to get open to receive the throw-in. After the foul, Team A will have a throw-in since it is not in the bonus. The possession arrow remains in the direction of Team A since Team B committed a foul before the throw-in was completed. False Adaptation # 9

The official notices B4's shoelaces are untied. Play will not be stopped to allow the laces to be tied. However, the official may delay resumption of play, once stopped, to allow B4 to tie the laces. True 5-11 Exception

B2 is closely guarding A5. After two seconds, B1 enters and double-teams A5. B2 then leaves to guard another player. The five second count continues. True 9-10 Case 9.10.1b
A substitute is not allowed to enter the game unless she has reported number for number at the scorer's bench prior to the official being ready to put the ball in play. True 3-3-1
A2 receives a pass, which she muffs. She recovers the ball, and begins her dribble. Legal. True Case 4.15.1b
B1 has attempted to steal the ball from A1 who is standing just outside the lane. She misses and falls to the floor. A1 then begins to dribble away, but trips over B1 who is lying on the floor momentarily. Foul on B1. False 4-19
After A3 misses her first free throw of three tries, A4 steps into the lane to call the defense for her teammates. During this time, the official is waiting to put the ball in play for the next free throw. Team A is issued a warning for delay of game. After the second try, B4 steps into the lane and calls a play for her teammates, but delays administration of the final throw. Assess Team B a technical foul for delay. False 10-1-5c (B should receive a warning, also)
B3 asks for a time-out, but the team has no :20 or :60 time-outs remaining. The official erroneously grants the time-out. Since the grant was in error, the grant of the time-out should be revoked. False 10-1-7
Substitute A6 reports to the scorer after the :45 warning horn. She is withheld from entry by the officials. The coach calls A6 back to the bench to discuss strategy. After the clock has started, the official stops play for a violation. A6 must re-report after moving back to the bench, or will be assessed a technical foul if she enter the game. True Case 3-3-1c
A player dives on the floor for a loose ball. She slides six feet on her knees after getting control of the ball. Traveling. False Case 4.42.5b
Just after the game begins, the scorer sounds the horn. She informs the official Team A #14 was the designated starter, but #20 started and is still in the game. Technical foul on Team A. False 10-1-2a Penalty
The lead official stops play for a time-out. He shall relay the information to the scorer through the trail official, including the number of the player who called the time-out. False OM 272
A3 interferes with the basketball after A2's successful field goal. The official should stop play and issue a warning to Team A. Later in the game, A3 again interferes with the ball after a made field goal. Technical foul on A3. False 10-5b (team technical)
Coach of Team A requests time-out for a correctable error. There was indeed a correctable error, but the request was too late for a correction to be made. Team A is out of time-outs, so assess a technical foul. True 5-11-3, 10-1-7
Team B is entitled to the possession arrow, but the ball is awarded to A2 out of bounds. After three seconds of the five second count, the scorer sounds the horn and informs the official of the error. It is too late to rectify the error. False Case 6.3.1d
Continuous motion does not apply to a tap. False 4-11-1
B6 attempts to enter the game wearing "batting-type" gloves which have the fingers cut off. This is not legal equipment. True Case 3.5a
A1 is dribbling the ball but it bounces off her ankle. As she races to retrieve the ball, she fouls B3 who is also attempting to get the ball. This is a player-control foul as it occurred during A1's interrupted dribble. False 4-12-1
Two teammates simultaneously grab a rebound. As they fight for the ball, each moves one foot. Traveling. False Case 4.42.2b
B3 may begin a dribble with both knees on the ground and stand without traveling . True Case 4.42.5c
The gym has rectangular backboards. B2's try bounces high and touches the top of the backboard. It then rebounds back in front of the board and goes in the basket. Violation. False 7-1 Note
Profanity is considered to be an unsportsmanlike act, even if it is not directed at another individual, but merely a result of frustration. True 4-19-13
The official who calls a 5th personal foul on a player shall notify the player she is disqualified, inform the coach of the disqualification, and instruct the timer to begin a 30 second count for replacement of the player . True 2-8-4, 2-12-5
Held ball, the possession arrow points to Team A. The officials hand the ball to A2 who inbounds the ball to teammate A1. The official stops play when the timer sounds the horn and indicates the arrow should have pointed to Team B. The official shall correct the error by giving Team B possession and signaling the next arrow in favor of Team A. False 2-10-1 (1998-1999 test question # 6)
During a free throw, B1 commits a lane violation. A2's try does not hit the rim, and falls to the court. Double violation, play resumes with a throw-in based on the possession arrow. True 9-1 Penalty 3
Play is stopped, and Team A coach requests a time-out. the official shall honor the request. False Adaptation # 7
Team A receives a technical foul for not submitting its starting lineup before the game began. Later, Team A is assessed a technical foul for calling an excessive time-out. Finally, the head coach receives a technical foul for disputing a call. The head coach is ejected for this combination of technical fouls. False Chart page 74
With 5 seconds left in the game, B3 receives an inbound pass in the frontcourt. She holds the ball then begins her move to the basket. She shoots from outside the three point arc, but A2 deflects the ball. However, the shot continues up and goes in just after the horn sounds. Score three for Team B. True Case 5.2.1d
Just before the game starts, it is discovered Team A is wearing its even-numbered uniforms, but the scorebook reflects all odd numbers for Team A players. No violation since this was discovered before the ball first became alive. False 3-2-2
In the first quarter, B3 shoots and scores from behind the three point line. However, the scorer records the goal as a "two-pointer". At halftime, the Team B coach brings the error to the attention of the officials. Since this was not detected before the second dead clock following the error, the error is not correctable. False Case 2.11.10d
B2 fouls A8, who sprains her ankle. The coach enters the court to tend to the injury, then call time-out as A8 is helped from the floor. A8 may remain in the game since a time-out was called. False Case 5.8.2
B4 is ready to shoot two free throws when the official notices she has a cut on her knee which is bleeding. She leaves the game to have the cut treated. Her replacement shoots the first free throw. B4 is ready, and she may reenter the game to attempt her second free throw. False 3-3-4
Players in unmarked lane spaces may not come within the three point arc or below the free throw line extended until the try is released by the shooter. False 8-1-4 (try hits the rim)
Before the game, Team A coach verifies to the official all players are legally equipped. During the first quarter, it is discovered A1 is wearing earrings. Assess a technical foul to coach A, and A1 must leave the game until the jewelry is removed. False Case 3.5.5
With the score tied at 60, B3 fouls A2. The official stops the clock to indicate the foul and the clock shows 0:00 remaining, but the automatic horn has not sounded. The clock does not display tenths of a second. If she makes the first try, the second try is not attempted. False Case 5.6c
B6 is advancing the ball against full court pressure. As the official's 10-second count reaches nine B6's pass is deflected by A3 in the backcourt. B6 recovers her ball and resumes advancing the ball to the frontcourt. The 10-second count restarted when A3 deflected the pass. False Case 4.12
A4 is attempting three free throws after being fouled on her long try. No substitutes shall be allowed prior to the first or second free throw. True 3-3-1c
On a throw-in, the thrower is entitled to move any direction within the 3-foot designated spot as long as one foot is within or over the designated spot until the ball is released. True Case 7.6.2
A team is allowed two full and two :20 time-outs per game. The length of a time-out may be reduced if both teams are ready to play. False 5-12-1
A1 is holding the ball in her frontcourt. B1 slaps the ball from A1's hand and the ball then strikes A1's leg before rolling into A's backcourt. A3 recovers the ball in the backcourt. Team A gets a full 10-seconds to advance the ball back to the frontcourt. False 9-9 (over-and-back first)
Only the five players in the game and the coach(es) are allowed off the bench during a :20 time-out. Substitutes must remain on the bench. False
Any pass which hits a defensive player's foot is a kicking violation. False 9-4 Note
B4 and A6 are racing toward a loose ball. The two players knock heads diving for the ball and each is unconscious. No foul is called since the contact is ruled incidental. The Team B physician approves B4 entering the game two quarters later. Team A does not have a physician available, thus, A6 will not be eligible to reenter the game without authorization for a physician. False Adaptation # 2
A4 and A3 are wearing headbands. A4's is all white, while A3's is primarily white, with a black logo, smaller than 2 1/4 square inches. Both headbands are legal. False Adaptation # 5
The clock is ticking under five seconds left in a 61-60 game when the leading team takes the ball out of bounds for a throw-in following a made field goal. The trailing team, knowing it needs to stop the clock, intentionally violates the plane of the out-of-bounds to force the official to stop play and issue a boundary plane warning. The official should stop play in this case, and assess a technical foul for the action of the trailing team. True Case 9.2.11
Team B players are wearing orange and white ribbons with the team nickname "Tigers" on them. The ribbons are illegal. True Adaptation # 5