2016 IHSAA Football Rules Examination

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During an inside the 9-yard marks conference, a coach may use the device for his personal use, but not show it to the players. True; 1-6-1
During the game, the coach of Team B reports to the referee that his wireless communication system is not working and requires that Team A should have to turn their communication system off. The referee approves his request and requires Team A to turn their system off. False; 1.6.1 Situation B
The penalty for roughing the passer is 15 yards and a first down from the previous spot. False; 9-4-4, 10-1-7
Any contestant exhibiting signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with a concussion shall be removed from participation and shall not return until cleared by an appropriate health-care professional. True; Online Rules Meeting, Iowa Law
Thigh guards that are unaltered from the manufacturer's original design/production are not required equipment by rule. False; 1-5-1b3d4
A defensive player is on his line of scrimmage when he is within two yards of his scrimmage line at the snap False; 2-25-3
A football jersey must completely cover the shoulder pads and all pads worn above the waist on the torso. True; 1-5-1b1
If any player's helmet comes off during the down and it is not due to a foul by the opponent, that player must leave the game for at least one down (unless halftime or an overtime intermission occurs). True; 3-5-10d
Only the receiver who gives a valid fair-catch signal is afforded protection. True; 6-5-3
At the time the ball is kicked, at least four K players must be on each side of the kicker. True; 6-1-4
Football gloves are required to meet either the new SFIA specification or the existing NOCSAE test standard at the time of manufacture. True; 1-5 Note, 1-5-2b
If a player's helmet comes completely off without a foul occurring on the last play of the first period, that player may participate in the first play of the second period. False; 3-5-10d, See Question #8
Pass eligibility rules apply equally to both legal and illegal forward passes as well as backward passes. False; 7-5-6
It is not illegal participation if A1 immediately returns to the field and makes a block after being blocked or pushed out of bounds by B1. True; 9-6-1
If a free kick is repeated due to a foul, the clock shall start when the free kick is touched, other than first touching by K. True; 3-4-3
During the intermission between the third and fourth quarter, Team A players come to the area in front of their team box (inside the 7-yard marks for 8 player, inside the 9-yard marks for 11 player) to confer with their coaches. During this conference, the head coach hands A1 his headset so that A1 may speak directly with the coach in the pressbox. The covering official should not allow this type of electronic communication to occur. False; 1-6-1
It is a field goal even if part of the ball passes through the line of the upright extended. False; 8-4-1c
If Team A is in a shotgun/pistol formation, no player may block below the waist during the down. False; 2.17.2 Situation E
Successive timeouts may not be granted to either team during the same dead-ball period. False; 3-5-4
A scrimmage kick recovered in or behind the neutral zone may not be advanced by K or R. False; 12-2-1 VI.2, also question #37
Clipping in the free-blocking zone is illegal. True; 2-17; 9-3-6; 9-3 PENALTY
Targeting is an act by any player who takes aim and initiates contact against an opponent above the shoulders with the helmet, forearm, hand, fist, elbow or shoulders. True; 2-20-2
If a low scrimmage kick is touched by R1 in the neutral zone, kick-catching interference restrictions have ended and no fair catch can be made. False; 12-2-1 VI.1
Restrictions have been removed for corporate advertising and markings on the field of play. True; 1-2-3l
Unused second half time-outs can be used in overtime. False; 3-5-1
After the ball is marked ready for the play, each player of A who participated in the previous down and each substitute for A must have been, momentarily, between the 9-yard marks, before the snap (7-yard mark, 8 player). True; 7-2-1
With first and 10 from A's 10-yard line, A1 drops back into his end zone, where he is tackled by a pulling of the face mask/helmet opening and fumbles. The ball rolls out of bounds at A's 5-yard line. What is the ruling?
Following penalty administration, it will be A's ball, first and 10 at A's 10-yard line.
Following penalty administration, it will be A's ball, first and 10 at A's 15-yard line.
Following penalty administration, it will be A's ball, first and 10 at A's 20-yard line.
Following penalty administration, it will be A's ball, first and 10 at A's 25-yard line.
9.4.3 SITUATION K, loose-ball play, 25-yard line
Successive charged time-outs may be granted during the same dead-ball period. True; 12-2-1 VI.2, See Question #19
A back may not wear a jersey with the number 50 through 79. False; 2-32-3, 7-2-5, Ineligible per 7-5-6
During an outside the 9-yard marks conference, the coach may show players plays on an electronic device. True; 1-6-1
The ball becomes dead and the down ends when:
a game official sounds his/her whistle inadvertently.
the helmet comes completely off of a player who is in possession of the ball.
a live ball goes out of bounds.
All the above.
All the above.
If an ineligible A player bats, muffs, or catches a legal forward pass, not first touched by B, the penalty is:
Loss of 5 yards and loss of down
Loss of 5 yards only
Loss of 10 yards and loss of down
Loss of 10 yards only
Loss of 5 yards and loss of down
There can be no pass interference, or ineligibles down field, if the pass does not cross the neutral zone. True; 7-5-7, 7-5-12
The free blocking zone is a rectangular area extending laterally four yards either side of the spot and three yards behind each line of scrimmage. True; 2-17-1
Grasping the tooth and mouth protector attached to the face mask is not a foul. False; 9-4-3h
The horse collar foul is enforced as a live ball foul. True; 9-4-3k
A scrimmage kick recovered in or behind the neutral zone may not be advanced by K or R. False; 12-2-1 VI.2, also question #20
It is a foul if the huddle breaks two seconds after A12 enters the huddle and before any player begins to leave the field. False; 3-7-1
Charged team timeouts shall be reduced in length if both teams are ready to play before the ready-for-play signal. True; 3-5-3
A player intentionally going out of bounds during the down and returning to the field is penalized for illegal substitution. False; 9-6-2, Illegal Participation
Play cards may be attached to the pants. False; 1-5-3 c.8
The quarterback of Team A is handed a headset and talks to a coach in the pressbox during a between the 9-yard marks conference. It is illegal for this to occur. True; 1-6-1
The coach of Team A calls a time-out and chooses a between the 9-yard marks conference(7-yard mark, 8 player). The Team A coach is carrying a tablet computer and while between the 9-yard marks(7-yard mark, 8 player), shows members of Team A different alignments of Team B. The use of the tablet computer is legal during this conference. False; 1-6-1
An unofficial auxiliary down indicator may be used, but it must be operated approximately 2 yards outside the sideline (except in stadiums where the total playing enclosure does not permit) opposite the official line-to-gain and down indicators. True; 1-3-5c
Eye shade (grease or no-glare strips or stickers) that is a solid stroke and does not include words, numbers, logos or others symbols within the eye shade is legal equipment. True; 1-5-3 c.3
The IHSAA has determined that the varsity half-time will be 15 minutes in length with 3 additional minutes of mandatory warm-up. By mutual agreement the length can be shortened to 10 minutes with 3 additional minutes of mandatory warm-up, but cannot exceed 20 minutes in length with 3 additional three minutes of mandatory warm-up. True; 1-7.13; 3-1-5 Note 2
A defensive player shall not:
Use his hands to add momentum to the charge of a teammate who is on the line of scrimmage.
Use his hands or arms to hook, lock, clamp, grasp, encircle or hold in an effort to restrain an opponent other than the runner.
Contact an eligible receiver who is no longer a potential blocker.
All the above.
All the above.
The referee shall have the authority to correct the number of the next down prior to the ball becoming live(the snap) after a new series of downs is awarded. True; 3-4-7
If a player does not have a helmet that meets the NOCSAE test standards when manufactured, he may participate, but a 5-yard penalty shall be enforced False; 1-5-1a.1, 1-5-3
K commits kick catching interference. R may choose to decline the penalty and take the result of the play. True; 6-5-6 Penalty