ICAOA Basketball Pictures

ICAOA President and D-1 NCAAMen's Basketball official Dave Cusick leads the discussion on mechanics at Carver-Hawkeye Arena. 2019 ICAOA Basketball Camp 1-11-2019 Bill Yuska and Mike McCue 2018 Basketball Test Review lead by Dave Severson

Ted Wernimont at City High in the late 80's Joe Loria and Bob Saunders 1-29-2018 at West Liberty 11-20-2017 Andy Koehn, Adam Walderbach, and Brandon Smith3-4-2017-Josh-Mara-Drew-Matzen-and-Keith-Lehrman 11-14-2016 CHA Dave Cusick

Steve McDowell, Tommy Schorer, and Chet Wieland 2-12-2016 at Johnston Kim Hall and Michael Rebelskey 12-3-2015 1-7-2016 John Mathias, Nathan Prom, and Nik Peterson 12-3-2015 Jerry Fannon and Shea McMurray Josh Mark, Mark Lehrman, and Dave Cusick 3-2-2015

Mike Widen 3-16-2013 at Hope College in Michigan Joel Duffy, Adam Kaufman, and Key Kain 2-7-2013 at West Liberty John Winter and Dave Huling 1-7-2013 at NW Jr. High Al Huntzinger and Gene Vineyard 1-7-2013 at NW Jr. High Brian Wernimont and Adam Kaufman 11-6-2012 at Iowa City Northwest

Steve McDowell, Tommy Schorer, and Chet Wieland at Iowa City Regina 2-9-2012 Kim Patik and Matt Carey at CC-A 2-7-2012 Jason Turner and Sarah Milner 2-7-2012 at CC-A Rick Hammes and John Murphy 1-19-2012 at Iowa City Northwest Jr. High Joe Loria and Curtis Iburg 11-6-2012 at Iowa City Southeast

Tim Sullivan and Landen Boyer at Iowa City Northwest 1-19-2012 Jordan Koskamp and Mark Vande Haar 1-19-2012 at Iowa City North Central Jay Honohan and Phil Ritchie at CC-A 1-3-2012 Isaac Davis and Arnie Smith 12-5-2011 at IC Southeast Kyle Akers and Kim Hall 11-17-2011 at SE Jr. High

Gene Vineyard and Al Huntzinger at Northwest Jr High 11-3-2011 Dennis Miller and Ryan Haack 11-1-2011 Al Huntzinger. Working with Al is Gary Christiansen and Chuck Fowler at the Boys' State Basketball Tournament 2011 Jerry Fannon, Kurtis Hall, Kim Hall at West Burlington 2-12-2011 1-29-2011 Gordy Kennedy

Tom Miene and Tyson Kassel 1-31-2011 at City High Dave Cusick and Jim McKeone at Iowa City West 1-10-2011 Isaac Davis and Adam Kaufman at City High 1-8-2011 David Tjaden and Tommy Schorer 12-20-2010 Jay Honohan and Pat Knobbe 12-6-2010 at City High

Josh Berka and Dave Cusick 12-6-2010 at City High Josh Christensen and Bill Poch at City High 12-16-2010 Steve McDowell, Chet Wieland, and Dave Severson in Tipton 3-28-2010 Cory Burkle, Brent Sharff, and Chet Wieland 3-1-2010 at the Cellular Center Dave Huling and Jeff Duncan 11-19-2009

Chet Wieland, Dave Severson, and Steve McDowell 2-10-2009 at CC-A Steve Janssen, John Murphy, and Brian Motley at Waterloo Columbus 1-9-2009 Paul Schuetz and Mike Koolbeck 11-24-2008 Al Huntzinger and Josh Berka 11-4-2008 at North Central Junior High Travis Jargo and Richard Craig 11-17-2008

Steve Peterson and John Murphy work at SE Jr. High 10-28-2008 ICAOA members Dennis Miller, Josh Berka, and Aaron Granquist work a basketball game at Tri-County. Rick Wulkow, Wayne Clinton, Gene Vineyard, and Al Huntzinger at the 1985 Dr. Pepper Classic at UNI Patrick Weber works a Fres/Soph game at Mid-Prairie in December Dennis Miller, Steve Wilson, and Ryan Haack at Wilton 2008

Adam Schmidt and Brad Badertscher 12-11-2005 Dennis Miller and Kevin Taylor 12-11-2005 Terry Butler and John Murphy 12-11-2005 Justin Fickbohm and Josh Berka 12-11-2005 Ben Higgerson works a game at North Cedar in 2007

John Murphy and Kyle Akers Bob Barta works a basetball game at Mt. Vernon Patrick Thompson and Dan Craig at NW Jr. High Richard Craig and Bill Poch at NW Jr. High Paul, Mike W. and Mike M. work the Hawkeyes scrimmage 2003 Gazette Hawkeye Challenge

Huling at the jump... Hawkeye Shootout - Dec 2005 Jan 2006 Iowa Bench Feb 2006Hawkeye Shootout 12-10-2006