ICAOA Football Pictures

Les Baumbach football crew in Durant 11-23-2019-Mike-Moran-Bob-George-chain-gang Two ICAOA crews worked the IC Liberty/Washington football games in North Liberty. Members are Mike Youngquist, Nathan Prom, Brandon Smith, Steve Meyer, Nate Robinson, Sean Bucheit, Chris Dobel, Dave Severson, Mike DeWall, and Greg Davies. 9-6-2019 Christopher See, Adam Roy, Keith Rath, Mark Beerends, and Jeremy Cronk Braedan Garrett, Eric Hoekstra, Doug Davis, Don Briggs, Lance Longstreth, and Dominic Snyder 8-23-2019 at CC-A 10-26-2018 Steve Dolezal, Shane Kron, Kevin Olson, Devin Conover, and John Mathias Officiating a high school football game in Burlington are ICAOA officials Bob Barta, Kert Johnson, Bill Jacobson, Kyle Larson, and Ray Carley 10-5-2018 9-28-2018 Aaron Granquist, Mike Valentine, Dan Bontrager, Jeff Duncan, and Chris Terukina 9-13-2018 Dave Severson, Nathan Prom, Nathan Carlson, Alex Schultejans, and Mike McCue 9-14-2018 Lance Longstreth, Doug Davis, Eric Hoekstra, Dominic Snyder, Don Briggs 9-1-2018 Sideline Crew Roger Johnson, Troy Greene, Joe Loria, Josh Berka, and Bob Saunders 8/24/2018 Iowa Football Chain Gang for 2017 at IRP 3-7-2018 Dave Severson, Mike McCue, Chris Henze, and Nathan Carlson 10-13-2017 Nate Robinson, Chris Henze, Brandon Smith, Steve Meyer, and Nathan Prom 9-1-2017 Roger Johnson, Mick Langguth, Dave Severson, Chris Dobel, Sean Bucheit 8-25-2017 Keith Rath, Tommy Carmack, Jordan Hare, Ray Fouts, and Mark Beerends Working a football game at Dubuque Senior are ICAOA officials Ray Carley, Tim Sloan, Jeff Longley, Blair Klinefelter and Tim Sullivan. 9-23-2016 Nathan Robinson, Brandon Smith, Steve Meyer, Nathan Prom, and Josh Berka 11-3-2015 Jeff Drahozal, Kert Johnson, Bill Jacobson, Jim Wozniak, Bob Barta Mark Hewlett, Josh Berka, Steve Meyer, John Calacci, and Josh Mara 10-28-2015 Mike McCue, Chris Henze, Jeff Duncan 10-6-2015 Joe Loria working the sidelines 2014 Shane Kron, Kevin Olson, John Mathias, Devin Conover, Dave Huling - 8-man Championship 11-20-2014 Jeff Duncan, Aaron Scholl, Dan Bontrager, Pat Knobbe, and Key Kain 11-14-2014 10-29-2014 Jared Kesling, Dave Sherman, Bob Varian, Wesley Felton, and Mike Pownell Kid Captain Faith LeMaster at IA-ISU game Mark Callaghan, Dave Severson, Joel Oswald, Joe Loria, and Bob Saunders Bob Barta, John Mathias, Paul Smith, Mike Moran, Bob George, Bill Jacobson, Ray Carley, Gerry Beeler, and Dave Severson Tommy Carmack, Bob Bartell, Marty Radtke, Patrick Weber, and Bob Ferreira 10-18-2013 10-18-2013 Don Briggs, Kevin Caldwell, Doug Davis, Eric Hoekstra, and Lance Longstreth Paul Smith, John Mathias, Mike Moran, Bob George, Ray Carley, Bill Jacobson, and Gerry Beeler 9-7-2013 Ted Wernimont, John Mathias, Devin Conover, Kevin Olson, and Dave Huling 8-30-2013 Chris Henze, Josh Berka, and Paul Smith 10-16-2012 Kert Johnson, Mark Edwards, Bill Jacobson, Jim Wozniak, and Bob Barta 10-12-2012 at Cascade 10-5-2012 Mike Widen, Dave Severson, Mike Moran, Gary Werle, Paul Smith at Cedar Falls Josh Berka, Tommy Schorer, Caleb Recker, and Mike Widen 9-25-2012 at Iowa City West High Bob Saunders, Ted Wernimont, and Mark Edwards 9-13-2012 at SE Jr. High Doyle Lyon, Josh Berka, and Dave Severson 9-11-2012 Bill LeMonnier 8-6-2012 at the annual ICAOA banquet Mark Edwards, Kert Johnson, Bill Jacobson, Jim Wozniak, and Bob Barta 10-21-2011 at Lone Tree Chris Dobel, Joe Loria, and Josh Berka 10-13-2011 at City High Sean Bucheit and Brian Leibold 10-4-2011 at Southeast Jr. High in Iowa City Mick Langguth (ICAOA), Steve Hamilton, Scott Anderson, Chad Bryant (ICAOA), and Joe Schmall 9-30-2011 Chris Henze, Eric Hoekstra, Matt Guillien, and John Beguhn at City High 9-30-2011 9-23-2011 Josh Berka, John Calacci, Sam Gipple, Mark Hewlett, and Steve Meyer at Iowa City Regina Chris Henze, Mike Pownell, and Phil Ritchie 9-13-2011 at Solon Mark Hewlett, Joe Loria, and Shane Kron at IC SE Jr. High 9-13-2011 Aaron Scholl, Kevin Caldwell, Doug Davis, and Don Briggs at City High 8-26-2011 Gaylon Truelsen, Ed Gibson, Jeff Longley,Marty Mente, and Loren Truelsen 10-22-2010 at North Cedar Jared Kesling, Mike Pownell, Dave Sherman, Courtney Wooge, and Bob Varian 10-22-2010 Rick Capps, Doug Davis, Marcus Hall, and Kim Hall at Iowa City High 9-3-2010 Steve Meyer, Mark Hewlett, John Calacci, Sam Gipple, and Josh Berka at HLV 9-3-2010 Marty Mente, Josh Berka, Dan Bontrager, and Kevin Olson 9-9-2010 John Calacci, Fred Perkins (Twin Lakes), Chris Dobel, Josh Berka, Steve Meyer, and Joel Oswald 8-6-2010 Aaron Six, Jacob Thorius, Jim Buitendorp, Mark Weidman, Mike Roth work a semifinal 11-14-2009 in the UNI Dome Dobel, Hedden, Maine, Perkins, and Oswald - 2008 8-Man Championship Bill Poch (LJ), Roger Youngblut (BJ), Bruce Feuerbach (L), Jeff Tank (R), and Greg Miller (U) Josh Christensen, Ray Carley, and Kevin Bruegge 10-8-2009 Joe Lang, Ted Wernimont, and Kim Hall 9-24-2009 Dubuque 9-4-2009 Doug Davis, Jeff Drahozal, Dave Miller, Scott Fritz, and Bob Barta Mike Widen, Gary Werle, Mike Moran, Dave Severson, and Paul Smith in the UNI Dome 8-29-2008Ted Sueppel, Paul Smith, and Blair Klinefelter at SE Jr. High 9-23-2008 Dave Annen, Joe Loria, and Matt Lynch work a Jr. High game at City High 9-9-2008 Rich Smith, Justin Fickbohm, and Paul Smith at Iowa City Northwest 9-25-2007 Marty Mente, John Mathias, & Rich Smith at Iowa City Northwest Junior High - Oct 2007 Tim Connelly, Brian Strasser, Rick Capps, and Bob George Paul Smith takes a hit at Xavier Gipple, Mathias, Draper, Meyer Dave Annen, John Mathias, Blair Kleinfelter, and Mark Callaghan Sam Gipple, Brian Strasser, and Phil Ritchie work a game at NW Jr. High Shane Kron, Ted Wernimont, and Justin Fickbohm work a Jr. High double-header in Coralville Jay Honohan, Patrick Weber, Pat Knobbe, and Dave Annen Working a Regina game in 2004 are Tim Sloan, Don Shurr, Bill Jacobson, Blair Klinefelter, and Ray Carley. Dave Miller Crew 2004 Members of ICAOA work the Sep. 4, 2004 throwback football game at Kinnick Moran Crew with "Fowl" Herky Sep 24, 2004 Bob Saunders - L, Jerry Beeler - LJ, Joe Loria - R, Bob George - BJ, and Mark Callaghan - U work a football game at Mt. Vernon Mike W., Dave, Mike M., Tom, and Paul work a football game at Linn-Mar