28th Annual Sports Officiating Summit

July 25-27, 2010

Marriott Hotel, Minneapolis, MN


Summit Badge Barry Mano, Jerry Markbreit, Dave Severson, Bill Carollo, and Josh Berka Dave Severson, Eric Curry, and Josh Berka Joel Oswald, Rick Wulkow, Fred Perkins, Dave Severson, Josh Berka, Terry Carson, and Ralph Edwards Dave Severson, Marcia Alterman, and Josh Berka Referee Magazine signed by Gold Whistle Award winner Emily Alexander
Summit Badge Barry Mano
Jerry Markbreit
Dave Severson
Bill Carollo
Josh Berka
Dave Severson
Eric Curry
Josh Berka
Joel Oswald
Rick Wulkow
Fred Perkins
Dave Severson
Josh Berka
Terry Carson
Ralph Edwards
Dave Severson
Marcia Alterman
Josh Berka
Referee Mag
signed by
Gold Whistle
Award winner
Emily Alexander

Fourteen officials throughout the state of Iowa were given free scholarships to attend the summit. Attending from the ICAOA were Dave Severson - President, and Josh Berka - Executive Secretary.