2020 Football

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Meetings for 2020 will be held using the Zoom app with the exception of the mechanics session. The following dates are reserved for these online-only meetings:

  1. Thu, July 30, local meeting, Bill Jacobson crew (Kicking game, game administration)
  2. Mon, August 3, ICAOA Annual Meeting
  3. Tue, August 4, local meeting (moved from 8/6),Steve Meyer crew (Penalty enforcement)
  4. Thu, August 6, IHSAA football clinic
  5. Mon, August 10, local meeting, Tim Kiefer, MIBT Media and Bill LeMonnier, former Big Ten referee (Passing game)
  6. Thu, August 13, IHSAA football clinic
  7. Mon, August 17 - local meeting - Mechanics at Liberty High School in North Liberty
  8. Thu, August 20, IHSAA football clinic
  9. Mon, August 24 - local meeting - Test Night

All local meetings start at 6:45 PM. Use the following link for the online meetings:


Online rulebooks are no longer in Arbiter. They are available as part of your IHSAA membership on a "mailing year" (every other year). You will need the NFHS Rules app and will need to log in with the same email address as on file with the IHSAA. For a non-mailing year (such as this year for football), they are only avaialble electronically as E-books through the NFHS.

The ICAOA would like to echo the personal message from Barry Mano of NASO & Referee Magazine on demonstrating personal beliefs as an official.


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