ICAOA 2019 Annual Meeting 8-6-2018 Dave Cusick and DJ Carstensen 8-8-2016-Rick-Hartzell-Annual-Meeting 4-11-2016-Lewie-Curtis Roger Barr, Josh Berka, Dave Severson, and Joel Oswald in Boone 4-14-2015

Carl Davis last Hawkeye game 11-23-2013 Mike Widen going away party 8-20-2013 Bob Saunders 4-14-2012 at Iowa City West High Bob Oldis, Jack Boal, and Jim Jensen at Sideline Dinner 12-18-2011 Bill Carollo presents the new Big Ten coin to ICAOA member Lisa Schreihart Dan Bontrager (ICAOA), Pat Langenberg (retired ICAOA), Mark Kamps, Brad Benson, Doug Goodfellow, Kevin Rolston, and Ed Foraker (retired ICAOA) 2-16-2011

ICAOA officials Bill Jacobson, Mike Moran, Pat Langenberg (retired), Paul Smith, Mark Callaghan, Gerry Beeler, and Dave Boal (retired) - 9-11-2010 Iowa vs. Iowa State Adam, Mary Jo, Joe (ICAOA), and Jeremy Loria 8-29-2010 1955 Iowa Hawkeye Football Team 1955 Iowa Hawkeye Football Team Roster 1960-1961 Iowa Hawkeye Men's Basketball Team

Iowa City Athletic Officials Association Logo - original Roger Barr, Joel Oswald, Bill Topp, Rick Wulkow, Josh Berka, Dave Severson 10-22-2009 Roger Barr speaks at a local ICAOA rules meeting 8-24-2009 Mike Dick, Joel Oswald, Dave Huling, Josh Berka, Gene Vineyard, Dave Severson, Ted Sueppel

Dave Huling and Ted Wernimont in Orlando - Jan 2009 ICAOA at Kinnick 8-7-2008 Newly elected Josh Berka presents Dave Huling with a plaque Josh Berka elected as executive secretary 8-6-2007 Become a High School Athletic Official Become a High School Athletic Official

John and Blair after a volleyball matchDave, Carl, Tom, Mike W., and Mike M. at Herb 'n Lou'sU.S. Cellular Center - March 8, 2005 Bob Saunders works a track meet Dave, Roger, Josh, and Ted at the 2004 IHSAA Local Associations Meeting